More cards in circulation = Higher profits

Card Dispenser and Recharger

A great standalone system that helps self service car wash locations sell and distribute custom loyalty cards.

The WashCard Dispenser and Recharging Center is completely programmable to allow for a variety of marketing and promotional opportunities. The unit dispenses cards with variable starting pre-paid balance, depending on the initial purchase amount made by either cash or credit. Custom four-color graphics are added to the Recharger's front panel to match the custom printed WashCards. A bright LCD displays the instructions, menu options, card balances, and amounts added to the card.

  • Sell/Recharge WashCards 24/7
  • Accepts Cash and Credit Cards for payment
  • Voice Prompted Directions
  • Custom Instruction Decals to match Store/Wash branding
  • Itemized Receipt Printing for Credit Card in the Bay

Benefits of a CDR

Average Dollar per Wash

Wash operators with WashCard on their automatic entry systems report that the average dollar per wash increases over $1.00 per wash.

Recharge by Cash or Card

The most common recharge on our loyalty cards is $20.00 with cash and $50.00 with a credit card.

Available 24/7/365

Card dispensers sell an average of five cards more per day than conventional distribution and sales methods.


Returning Customers

The more prepaid cards a wash has in circulation, the more return business is to be expected. In addition, each prepaid card potentially has value on it that is never redeemed.

WashCard vs. Cash

WashCard users spend on average 50% more in the self service bay vs their cash counterpart.

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