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For three decades…

Independent car wash owners have counted on WashCard for support that helps them successfully operate and build their businesses.

The payment hardware and software that WashCard offers has provided the opportunity to help car wash owners graduate from “bag-full-of-quarters” operations to technologically current, progressive small businesses. WashCard loyalty software has created opportunities for owner-operators to build traffic, average transaction and profitability – all while offering transparency into their businesses and customer base. We love doing business in the car wash segment, and we serve many different types of retailers.

Fast-Growing Independent Car Wash Operators know WashCard will keep them current with payment technologies that work across different types of equipment as they are acquiring new locations.

Convenience Store and Service Center Car Wash Retailers know WashCard understands the critical importance of building traffic, increasing the average transaction and boosting profitability.

Regional Retail Chains with On-Premise Car Wash Outlets know WashCard must be on the list of companies they consider when initiating or reviewing their car wash strategy. All WashCard programs can be utilized to help drive profitable, cross-department and seasonal merchandising.

No matter what size your car wash operation is, WashCard has great answers to whatever is keeping you awake at night. Get in touch with us today!

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