WashCard is bringing you the latest technology in the self serve car wash industry. Loaded with features and backed by WashCard's software. We have spent over 3 decades developing powerful loyalty car wash pay station software so your customers know they are appreciated. In addition, the Baystation car wash pay station system offers all payment options. Don't limit yourself to simply taking tokens or coins any more! With the Baystation car wash pay station, you can also accept mobile payments! Since mobile payments are taking over, don't fall behind on availability to your customers.

Our newly updated car wash pay station system also includes a full color display offering another way for you to earn revenue. Run videos of your choice! You can work with our design team, or create your own videos that are perfect for your locations. Work with local businesses to gain revenue by having them advertise in your bay.

For a limited time, upgrade your bays and get CASH BACK!


This system is loaded with features while providing full reporting and analytics!

  • Accept Cash, Coin, Loyalty and Credit Cards
  • Control up to 12 services
  • Individually priced services
  • WashCard Loyalty Software
  • Set different price for loyalty customers
  • Advanced Cash Auditing
  • Hidden Attendant/Maintenance Menu Access
  • Multilingual Options
  • Enterprise Reporting
  • Wireless Communication
  • NEW! Built-in Security Camera
  • NEW! Interface for Canadian Tap & Pay


  • Self Service Bay
  • Pet Wash
  • Bulk Water Dispensing
  • Vacuum

Sample Ad Rate Calculator

# of Ads % Discount 1 Bay 2 Bays 3 Bays 4 Bays
Monthly Annual Monthly Annual Monthly Annual Monthly Annual
1 0% $50 $600 $100 $1200 $150 $1800 $200 $2400
2 $10% $90 $1080 $180 $2160 $270 $3240 $360 $4320
3 13% $130 $1560 $260 $3120 $390 $4680 $520 $7680
4 20% $160 $1920 $320 $3840 $480 $5760 $640 $7680

At 3 ads per month, on 1 bay, your ROI is less than 3 years (with no cars washed!)

Advertising Samples:

The Benefits of owning a Baystation

Control your fees

Due to popular demand, you have full control over who you use for your credit card processing! (Although it has always been that way)


Multi-location Support

Market and manage multiple locations. Sell Wash Cards at one location and redeem them at another.


Add WashCard to Other Services

Add WashCard products to any of your services so you can manage all of your business in one place.


Remote Activation

Activate your wash equipment remotely via the Internet and resolve customer service issues from anywhere.

Remote Activation

Marketing Options

Market to potential business clients while doing a fundraiser. Give your loyal customers a reason to keep coming back.


Web-based Administration

Change prices, see how much money you've made, and much more right from the web.


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A leader in card activation technology since 1990, WashCard Systems is a provider of cashless payment systems for the car wash industry.

We offer a wide variety of loyalty, reward, business-to-business, and e-commerce options so you can increase your profit potential. Make it easier to capture new business and reward repeat visits.

The Baystation replaces outdated meter boxes while providing a state of the art solution for your self service bays.

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