WashCard Cloud-Based, Cross-Connect Car Wash Technology makes expansion and improved service more easily attainable — More Sales, Bigger Transactions & More Profit.

  • Easily connect unique systems and services
  • Take advantage of more payment methods
  • Connect your marketing efforts to more services

“Seamlessly connect your customers, your data, your mobile app, your processing and your carwash equipment without the time and cost of having to develop the hardware to authorize, validate and activate all unattended services.”

WashCard CrossConnect™ takes the guesswork out of remote activation features. IT expands the functionality of your existing mobile apps and software services. CrossConnect also gives your software developers a secure, safe and reliable method for sending remote equipment activation requests to unattended services — all while leveraging your current infrastructure.

You can:

  • Authenticate your users with pre-existing ID’s
  • Integrate with your existing payment gateway or user-permissions database
  • Accept mobile payments or redeem points from a rewards database to pay for services
  • Take advantage of “In App” advertising and notifications… imagine what you could say to your customer if you sat with them for the next 10 minutes during the wash cycle!
  • Remotely activate and manage your wash from your mobile device

Don’t purchase ANY technology-enhancing equipment or gear until you have discussed CrossConnect with one of the professionals at Washcard — Learn how it works now.

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