WashCard customers are the heartbeat of why we do what we do.

The feedback and suggestions we receive from WashCard customers is what drives our innovation. Our solutions have been built over the last three decades based on feedback from operators like you can read about below. With a variety of equipment, locations, and loyalty options available for their own customers, we take pride in hearing what you have to say.

That being said, take a look at what WashCard Customers have to say about the success they have seen through our products and services.

Ultimate Auto Wash

"It's all trackable, it's easy, it's usable...The reporting, the tools, it's all just very easy for me to use and for the customers to use....the stuff is plug and play. It's easy to install."

Wild Water Car Wash

"The fleet accounts have been the most successful....it gave us a good way to offer something to our businesses that didn't require cash...they can track it through their invoices or the customer account system."

Bubble Bath Car Wash

"People love the system, they don't have problems with it. The credit card readers do not have issues with reading. It enabled Bubble Bath to even purchase a second location."

"I LOVE the new system.
The software is very intuitive and tech support is great!"

Car Wash Location in Saskatchewan, Canada

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