Measuring the Success of Business

In our series of customer profiles, we introduce multiple businesses who have had different variations of success. Each of them has used a different method and idea of what can help build their business. As we highlight some of these customers, we want to provide you with ideas of how to gain success with your WashCard system. As we provide hardware and software to meet your business needs, we also want to provide you with real-life tools to use in your everyday business.

Starting Over

Bubble Bath Carwash & Laundry started with WashCard after several frustrating years of working with another credit card acceptance company. With hours of frustration dealing with their support team, broken equipment, and card readers that didn't work, they decided it was time to find someone else. Two and a half years of promises that were never kept was enough.

"I put the card system in to make my life easier and I just complicated my life. I woke up one day and said 'I'm going to put an end to this' and the next thing I hopped on a plane to Minnesota, and here we are."

This is when WashCard stepped in to help solve their credit card and loyalty needs. Within the laundry business, the only payment they accept is their custom made loyalty cards. With cards being delivered through their CDR, customers were able to purchase cards and reload them on site.

"Believe me when I tell you I haven't had a problem..."

Not only were the WashCard systems installed, we were able to take their old database and merge it with the custom WashCards so they didn't have to replace their cards.

Loyalty programs done right

Bubble Bath started a few different loyalty programs almost by accident. The first was a free dryer program. When you washed at his location, you earned a free dryer credit. If you didn't wash, you had to pay for your dryer. This system worked for them and continues to give them loyal business. This resulted in half the laundromats in town trying to copy Bubble Bath, but have not met the level of success.

Because they had the ability to do time of day pricing, Bubble Bath set up half-price washes from 1am - 4am. They didn't promote is as they were simply trying to make sure there was someone there with their attendant at night. However, it eventually caught on. When the owner would login in at 2am, the place would be packed. They would earn almost as much during the night as they would from 1pm - 4pm during the day.

How Has WashCard Affected Your Business?

Over the last several years, business has grown. People love the system, they don't have problems with it. The credit card readers do not have issues with reading. It enabled Bubble Bath to even purchase a second location.

The ability to go online and add dollars to the card or start a machine has made life a lot easier too. Not having to be on site to provide customer service makes the job of managing a location, or multiple locations, a reality.

"The support staff is there. Monday through Saturday, as I was warned when I bought the system that you don't help out on Sunday. I was told I wouldn't need you, and it's true. I don't need you."