Creating Success Through Loyalty

Mark Lile, Owner of Ultimate Auto Wash in Iowa, sits down to talk with us about his success through loyalty by using WashCard Systems over the last ten years. With six locations across Des Moines, his business is booming.

With a variety of WashCard products, Mark is able to offer loyalty options across all of his locations with his custom printed WashCards.

"It's all trackable, it's easy, it's usable...The reporting, the tools, it's all just very easy for me to use and for the customers to use....the stuff is plug and play. It's easy to install."

Business Accounts...For The Win

With using invoiced accounts, Mark's life is simple because of the automation of the process. Invoices go out automatically, businesses can pay their bill online, and there is no confusion or frustration with getting the bill to the customer. It's all automated and made to make his life easier.

One of the loyalty offers Mark has is free vacuums after a wash. This is one way to thank his customers, and keep them coming back. The WashCard System works with well with all types of In-Bay entry systems including Unitec,

Works well with all types of entry systems.

With WashCard in the bays, his revenue has increased dramatically. Being able to offer credit cards allows customer to stay longer and create a user friendly experience for his customers. The new Baystations offer a new experience that allows customers to easily interact with the payment system, and they choose to stay longer.

What He Says:

"The one thing you don't know is what you get until you're actually in would take a day to cover everything they could cover. The reporting, the tools, all of that is just really easy for me to use and easy for the customer to use and it just makes it a really nice system all around. It saved me a lot of time and effort."