In our series of customer profiles, we introduce multiple businesses who have had different variations of laundry and car wash success. Each of them has used a different method and idea of what can help build their business. As we highlight some of these customers, we want to provide you with ideas of how to gain your own laundry or car wash success with your WashCard system. As we provide hardware and software to meet your business needs, we also want to provide you with real-life tools to use in your everyday business.

Car wash success | Years In the Making

Ryan with Wild Water Car Wash has been a valued WashCard customer for 20 years. WashCard products were already installed in his location when he started his business. However, it has never deterred him from continuing to develop his business, and help develop WashCard products to further the industry standards. Ryan has two Automatic Bays, seven Self-Serve Bays, one large vehicle bay, a pet wash, and 7 vacuums at his location in Ames, Iowa. He has spent many years building car wash success in his location and strives to continue building.

With the WashCard system already installed, Ryan had a good base to start his business. He started with fleet or business customers. This allowed him to earn more revenue with loyal businesses who would come to use his services. He was also able to get started with new loyalty programs to interest regular customers. This is where his car wash success began.

Over the years, his biggest car wash success has been with fleet or business customers. When Ryan first began his business, credit cards were not as prevelant as they are today. Being able to provide a card based fleet program gave him an advantage over his competitors that didn't require cash.

Ryan uses loyalty cards with specials throughout the year including discounts, extra credits, and bonus usage. Customers are also able to track all of their spending through an online portal which gives them the ability to see all of their spending within the wash.

Over the last 20 years Ryan has built his car wash success by working directly with WashCard. He has helped us in development as well as product testing. As a loyal customer of ours, we know we couldn't build the products we have today without the help and success of customers like Ryan.

Are you looking to build car wash success in your own business? Contact us today to find out how we can help you!

Wild Water Car Wash Success
Wild Water Car Wash Success
Wild Water Car Wash Success