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WashCard offers a variety of integration solutions to fit your existing equipment.

No need to reinvent the wheel with your payment solutions. We can create software and hardware integrations that match best with your current system.

Our software integration is the heart and DNA of our business. We work directly with consumers and our customers to maintain the best loyalty programs in the industry. Our cloud-based management center allows you to manage every aspect of your system easily, whether you have 3 business locations – or 300. A multitude of reports help you track profitability and gauge success of promotions and includes the ability to export functions to popular accounting programs. Complete audit tools to oversee employees and income as well as automated programs to reward customers for their continued support.

In-Bay Automatic Integration Kit

Advanced Software integrations are available on select new entry stations, and Hardware Retrofit Kits are available for older cashiers. Auto kits allow you to take Credit Cards and Loyalty Cards and even to add RFID to your existing equipment. No more dial-up processing and expensive phone lines. All entry stations can use a single Internet connection for card processing.


  • American Changer AC8001
  • ICS Auto Sentry
  • DRB XPT + SiteWatch
  • Hamilton HTK
  • Unitec Sierra Server (Portal, Sentinel, CStart)
  • Egeunuity POS Integration


  • Hamilton ACW
  • Hamilton Gold Line
  • Unitec Wash Select II

Multi-Button Payment Terminal

WashCard is able to mount a multi-price point box onto your auto entry station and bypass the auto station if it is no longer firing off the wash.  Hardware Retrofit Kits are available for nearly all cashiers on the market. No more dial-up processing and expensive phone lines. All entry stations can use a single Internet connection for card processing.


  • Vending
  • Unitec E3000
  • Ryko AMTT
  • Ryko Enteract
  • PDQ Access
  • Anztec Entry System (All)
  • Champion

Self-Service Payment Terminal

Operators who add credit card acceptance to their self-service bays see customers spending almost twice as much as they did when using cash. Offer your customers the convenience of using the card that is already in their wallet and skipping the trip to the change machine, and they will reward you with increased spending.


  • Self-Service Bay
  • Pet Wash
  • Bulk Water Dispensing
  • Vacuums

All-In-One Wireless

A NEW cost-conscious solution with more benefits and flexibility than any other low-cost system. The all-in-one reader allows you not only to begin taking credit cards TODAY, it also provides the option for you to expand seamlessly to any of our full-featured Loyalty programs at any time in the future. WashCard is the ONLY system to offer this complete upgrade path.


  • Self-Service Bay
  • Pet Wash
  • Vacuums

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