Crossover Laundry

WashCard's cost-conscious solution to coin laundromats with too many washers and dryers to outfit with individual readers. Give customers the ability to activate their load from Kiosk locations around your store.

Mr. Productivity?  Meet Convenience.

At first, you needed to wire up every device in your laundry to accept credit card payments. Over time, completely wireless units were developed to make installation more convenient. The evolution has continued with this blend of wired and wireless to offer a cost effective mix of lower cost and convenience.

Credit Card Acceptance Made Easy

Accept credit cards and debit cards from any major payment network as an additional form of payment at your coin laundromat. Cater to the growing population of card-carrying customers and keep your coin-carrying customers.

Accept Credit Cards AND Prepaid Cards at any machine

Every one of your machines that you connect to the CrossOver system will now have the ability to accept a credit card, check card, OR a branded prepaid loyalty card. Don’t forget, that each of those machines will still have the ability to take coins as they always have!

You KEEP your coin acceptors!

All of the card systems available to coin laundry owners make you choose to accept coin OR cash (not both!). If you already have coin acceptors on all of your equipment, it is highly unlikely you are in a position to swap out all of your coin acceptors for card readers.

100% Wireless– Install Anywhere!

Mount the Kiosk reader anywhere in your store where it is accessible and convenient for your customers. The part that communicates with your washers and dryers is hidden away inside bulkheads and will communicate over wireless back to the CrossOver.

Cost-Conscious Savings

Operators that want to outfit a small handful of machines and prefer the convenience of single swipes will always have that option available to them– but, operators that would like to cost-effectively add credit card acceptance to entire bulkheads of machines can now do so with the CrossOver Kiosk. An entire store could be run by kiosks; a combination of individual readers and this piece of technology will help you find the right balance between cost for your business and convenience for your customers.


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