Laundry Terminal

Take credit cards AND coins on your washer or dryer!  WashCard's Laundry Terminal allows operators to take cards same day as installation!

Keep Your Coin Acceptors - You don't have to fear losing your cash-only customers

Unlike other card-system readers, WashCard terminals do not replace the coin acceptor on a washer or dryer. Laundry terminals allow you to accept multiple forms of payment on your machines. When you accept both coins and credit cards (or bank cards), your business will appeal to a wider base of consumers than your competition can.

This is the perfect cashless exit-strategy for operators that want to phase out coin acceptance over time.

Credit Card Acceptance Made Easy

Accept credit cards and debit cards from any major payment network as an additional form of payment at your coin laundromat. Cater to the growing population of card-carrying customers and keep your coin-carrying customers.

Accept Credit Cards AND Prepaid Cards at any machine

Every one of your machines that you connect to a WashCard Terminal will have the ability to accept a credit card, check card, OR a branded prepaid loyalty card. Don’t forget, that each of those machines will still have the ability to take coins as they always have!

You KEEP your Coin Acceptors

All of the card systems available to coin laundry owners make you choose to accept coin OR cash (not both!). If you already have coin acceptors on all of your equipment, it is highly unlikely you are in a position to swap out all of your coin acceptors for card readers.

Increased Turns

During peak usage days, machines with the card payment option see up to 1.5 more turns (on average) per day.

 Higher Vends

Increased average dollar per ticket over cash customers by up to 23% on card activated turns.

 New Clientele

Increased customer base by attracting new clientele who are sick of bank runs for coins. Advertise and let your community know you accept their common form of payment.

 100% wireless

Can you imagine not having a single homerun cable pull to make? No expensive cable, no cumbersome conduits, and MOST importantly the labor cost of installation is down to 15 minutes per machine! Each card reader acceptance terminal uses encrypted wireless communication for INSTANT clearing of credit cards and loyalty cards through your broadband Internet connection.  No stored information on each unit and no coins or tokens that need to be collected every few days.  The first system in the Laundry industry to be PCI compliant.


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