Car Wash Loyalty Programs & Software

WashCard Loyalty software was created to give your car wash operations the competitive edge needed to build customer loyalty – and that means more transactions, higher sales and more profitability. 

We believe we offer the best loyalty software available.

Take advantage of these WashCard Loyalty Software features.
  • Track all consumer or business car wash customers
  • Build frequency, transaction size and profitability with special offers and discounts
  • Target your valuable markdown investment where it will generate the most return 
  • Connect every service in your car wash operation and track transactions and sale, including all connected services – vacuum, pet wash, etc.
  • You can manage the program from anywhere – online
  • Develop and view spending profiles like time-of-day pricing
  • Your customers can hold fundraising events, including sports teams, businesses, Lions Club, or for special causes
  • Build referrals, trial and sales with gift card programs, which can be reloaded online or at an at-wash kiosk

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