WashCard and EverWash have a combined experience of 50+ years in the car wash industry, mobile technology and the membership sales and subscription management business. We have created an app-based solution that allows consumers to easily sign up for an unlimited wash plan and activate a wash directly from their smartphone.

Bringing EverWash membership sales experience and technology with the WashCard remote start technology to create successful membership programs for car washes across the country.


Why Membership?

Why have ordinary, occasional-use customers when you can have more lucrative, loyal members?

The average customer only washes 4 times per year. When you factor the revenue from your average pay-per- visit customer versus revenue from a monthly-recurring revenue-producing member, it just makes sense to convert a customer into a member.

Don’t Miss Out On HUGE Opportunity!

Customers rely on their smartphones to schedule and manage practically everything. We make it quick & simple for customers to purchase a membership and wash their cars at the push of a button. Businesses that adopt monthly subscription models are growing at a staggering rate. Membership-based growth strategies are revolutionizing how customers purchase goods and services. Don’t miss out on this growth opportunity when it could mean great earning potential for your wash.

Want To Talk About It?

Contact us and we'll get started on what the right steps are for your business.

How Does WashCard Work?

WashCard has been working for nearly 30 years to create hardware and software solutions intended to build revenue specifically for the car wash industry. We are continually evolving our software so our customers are up to date with the latest marketing tools, reports, and technology to keep their business ahead of the game.

We strive to protect consumers and operators with PCI Validated products which ensure secure payment processing. With each product purchase with WashCard, we have a team standing by ready to help you succeed in your business. Whether it is through loyalty options, card payments, or marketing tools, our goal is to make your business prosper.

How Does EverWash Work?

EverWash helps car wash operators generate a new and recurring revenue stream through the sales and marketing of monthly memberships; resulting in a substantial increase in wash volume and profits, rain or shine.

The free-to- use, app-based membership sales & subscription management service offers consumers a quick and modern way to find a car wash, learn about its unlimited wash options, securely purchase a membership, manage their subscription and refer friends — all from the convenience of their smartphone.

EverWash provides car washes with the marketing power, tools and mobile technologies necessary to sell memberships, while maintaining a personal relationship with every member through email marketing, push notifications, and a dedicated membership services support staff.

Why choose WashCard?

  • Integrate any of your equipment including vacuums and vending
  • Guaranteed secure payments with PCI Validated systems
  • We maintain car wash systems all around the world
  • Full marketing support to create digital and physical tools to help market your location
  • Unique software and loyalty tools to help you retain more customers while rewarding them
  • Remotely manage your location from anywhere in the world with our remote activation tools

Why choose EverWash?

  • Works with or without a POS system and with most any automated pay station
  • No expensive RFID system, monthly maintenance or POS upgrade fees
  • 100% free to use, EverWash earns commission based solely on the additional revenue generated from EverWash members
  • World-class member support services, email & social media marketing, web design, and more
  • EverWash manages the entire lifetime experience of each member, including enrollment, billing, member support, etc.
  • Mobile platform allows consumers to sign-up, refer friends and manage their membership 24/7 from their smartphone
  • Guaranteed to increase customer base, wash volume and profits

Why Choose Us?

WashCard and EverWash have partnered to bring real membership solutions and real revenue growth to In-Bay Automatics and Unmanned Washes. Our combined technology platforms can activate any In-Bay Automatic using the app-based service, while assisting car wash operators in managing a successful and lucrative monthly membership program. Multiple locations? Not a problem. Our combined services can integrate your locations to easily allow customers to choose where to wash at their convenience.