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At WashCard Systems, we are grateful to be chosen as your new business partner.  We pride ourselves on the ability to be flexible, and choosing your credit card merchant account should be no different. With the WashCard System, we offer several options for credit card merchant accounts, as well as the flexibility to choose your own. This allows you to make decisions that best suit your individual business needs while still maintaining a safe, secure, PCI-DSS validated payment system.

WashCard Systems has partnered with USAePay, a leader in payment gateway applications. By utilizing the USAePay payment gateway, WashCard Systems is able to offer you the flexibility to choose your own merchant account. This allows you to shop rates, use an existing merchant account, or simply take advantage of the exciting technologies that USAePay has to offer.

Customers who wish to use USAePay and take advantage of a group rate, please contact Brian Nelsen.

Brian Nelsen
First Financial Merchant Services

Contact sales@washcard.com for the USAePay application.

*Please Note– Customers who wish to use the WashPass subscription service, USAePay is required.