Each customer is different.

We can’t give you a hard number on the cost of your specific location and needs.

However, we’ll do our best to give you an idea of what the costs could be here.

If you are looking for more specific numbers or would like a quote, please CONTACT US for more information.


We’ll start with the most complicated piece. Because where else do you start when buying new products, right? The price of our hardware is very dependent on what equipment you purchase, how many locations you have, whether it’s wireless or not, and some other technical factors. We’ve broken down a few scenarios to help you understand at the very least a range in which you may fall into based on your number of bays and locations. For more detailed quotes, please CONTACT US.

Benefits of Choosing WashCard:

  • Secure Card Proceesing
  • Unique Software Options
  • Remote Activation
  • Automatic Payment Options
  • Mobile Payment Options


1 Automatic Bay
Credit Card Acceptance
1 Location

$11k – $27k

1 Automatic Bay
3 Self-Serve Bays
Credit Card Acceptance
1 Location

$18 – 48k

2 Automatic Bays
6 Self-Serve Bays
Credit Card Acceptance
1 Location


Our Loyalty Software is the heart of our business. It’s what separates our products from any of our competitors. What do you get when you add our loyalty software to your purchase?

  • Ability to accept loyalty cards
  • Pay By Phone Option
  • A Wide Array Of Loyalty Program Options
  • Training To Manage Loyalty Programs
  • Much more!


*does not include price of loyalty cards purchased


WashCard provides help in designing and providing you many different marketing solutions including loyalty cards, signage, brochures, and more. You can see many of the options HERE. Because the cost of each of these can vary, the pricing can be hard to nail down specifically. However, feel free to give us a call and we can quote you based on your marketing goals and needs.

$50 – $2500*

*dependent on materials, design time, and vendor


Need a website for your business? We can design, manage, update, and create content for your website. We can also provide a portal in which you can securely accept payments online for Pay By Phone or your Loyalty Card options. You can see what the different option levels are HERE. No matter what your needs are, from basic to a deep dive into the world of the internet, we have you covered with fair pricing and no BS.

$1,995 – $6,995*

*can include yearly fees for domain hosting, website hosting, or SSL hosting


Let’s be honest. We are human. We provide hardware and software built by humans. Once and a while those systems have a hiccup and you need to pick up the phone. Or, you simply need some help understanding how to run a specific loyalty program. There are a number of things that can come up that our dedicated tech team will help you with and that does come with a yearly price. We are an equal opportunity support pricing company.