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loyalty card dispenser and recharger for car washes

The WashCard Loyalty Card Dispenser and Recharger

This great stand-alone system will help you sell more loyalty wash cards – cards that we custom design for your business and brand.

The more WashCard loyalty cards you have in circulation, the higher your sales growth and profits will be! And our Loyalty Card Dispenser and Recharging Center is completely programmable to allow you to implement a variety of marketing and promotional opportunities.

The most common recharge amount on our loyalty cards is $20.00 when customers use cash and $50.00 when they use a credit card.

The unit dispenses cards with variable starting pre-paid balances, depending on the initial purchase amount made by either cash or credit. Your own custom four-color graphics can be added to the Recharger’s front panel to match the custom-printed WashCards – featuring your brand or logo.

A bright LCD displays the instructions, menu options, card balances, and amounts added to the card. This self-service unit allows your customers to gain access to your loyalty programs and get receipts from purchases without you having to have staff on site.

Take advantage of all these features and build your business!

Customers Recharge With Cash Or Cards – Convenient!

Members can add funds to their cards using cash or their credit/debit card to the card recharger 24 hours a day. 

Sell Cards With 24/7/365 Availability 

Card dispensers sell an average of five cards more per day than conventional distribution and sales methods.

Registered Users Contact Information

When customers register their cards, you gain valuable information that enables you to send emails, updates, and specials on your products and services.

Encourage Returning Customers

The more prepaid cards your car wash has in circulation, the more return business you can expect! In addition, each prepaid card potentially has value on it that is never redeemed. This simply means extra cash in your pocket from unused funds.

Larger Transactions: WashCard vs. Cash

WashCard users spend on average 50% more in the self-service bay versus their cash counterpart.

Product Dimensions

Box is 18” wide 29” High and 14” deep

Face plate is 22” wide x 33” high

With the Loyalty Card Dispenser and Recharger:

  • Your loyalty cards can be sold or recharged 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • The Dispenser accepts cash and credit cards for payment
  • Custom instruction decals are provided to match your store or car wash branding
  • Itemized receipts are printed for credit cards in the bay
loyalty card dispenser and recharger for car washes

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