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Car wash fleet and business accounts

Fleet & Commercial Business

The WashCard Fleet & Commercial Business program enables you to serve your business clients better by providing them a convenient, automatic monthly billing statement so they can, in turn, better track and control expenses. Fleet accounts can be managed with loyalty cards, RFID tags, or – coming soon – mobile!

As an operator, you get the benefits of the volume and profit that fleet and commercial clients bring to your operation with the added benefit of online billing and reporting. Managing your business has never been this easy!

“For many of our customers, the fleet business they have at their wash is the most reliable source of income they can add to their business – other than adding accepting credit cards. We have told our customer for years that if they ride the bike up the hill for 3 months, when they get their new system they will be riding the bike for years (some of our customers have been doing this for 3 decades). This is by far the lowest-hanging fruit that most washes never tap into. Take advantage of your new WashCard System and take your wash from a good-wash to great-wash level.”

Put The Power Into The Fleet Manager’s Hands

The Fleet & Commercial Business tool allows you to manage and maintain fleet accounts easily. Fleet managers can set up user accounts, create receipts for invoicing, and create their own discounts and usage schedules. The account manager can oversee all the usage at the wash, creating significant time and cost savings not only for themselves but also for you.

Automated Invoicing

Make life easier for yourself and your fleet customers by providing automated invoicing. Our software will automatically track and bill your fleet customers at a set time of every month. Simply set up the invoice period and let the software take care of the rest.

Auto Pay

With Auto Pay, customers can accumulate their services over a selected period, whether it’s monthly or weekly. When you are ready to process those payments, it is a few simple clicks from the back end software management system. Select the customer and the stored card, and process the payment on the spot. This safe and secure way to process credit cards makes it easier for you and for your customer.

Market Your Fleet Programs

Having on-site signage or take-away brochures is a great way to get the word out about the programs you have available. Advertise on your website to gather customer information quickly and easily. Easily market your program and manage it, but your customers can easily manage their own accounts too! 

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