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auto kit integration for car wash

WashCard Integration Kit

If you own an In-Bay Automatic that doesn’t have debit, credit and loyalty card capability, our Integration Kit is the answer.

Takes cards and now mobile payments with the UWashApp!

Advanced Software integrations are available on select new entry stations, and Hardware Retrofit Kits are available for older cashiers. WashCard Auto Integration Kits allow you to take credit cards and loyalty cards. 

  • Take cards and mobile payments with the UWashApp
  • No more dial-up processing and expensive phone lines
  • All entry stations can use a single Internet connection for card processing

And, our newly added Protruding Bezel Reader allows even easier reading than before. It works best in Automatic Bays where customers remain in their cars to make their wash payments.

WashCard Automatic Integration Kits add more capability to your operations.

Easier To Reach

Are you having issues with card-reading in your current reader? The Protruding Bezel Reader eliminates 90% of non-reads.

Easier To Read

Our reader reads the card on the pull, and because the reader protrudes, it makes it easier for your customers to properly place the entire card and remove it.

Add To Other Services

No need to limit credit card use to just the self-service bays – complete card customers’ transactions on all your equipment!

Multi-Location Support

You can market and manage multiple locations – sell WashCards at one location and redeem them at another.

Control Your Fees

You have full control over who you use for your credit card processing.

Remote Problem Resolution

You can resolve and manage customer service issues from anywhere, too.

Remote Activation

Activate your wash equipment remotely via the Internet, and resolve customer service issues from anywhere.

Marketing Options

Expand your business potential with added Loyalty Software capability. Build traffic with commercial, fleet and small business accounts

Web-Based Administration

Change prices, review sales information, manage your business remotely.

This kit integrates with:

  • Hamilton ACW – Combo Plate Dimensions 5” Wide x 8.5” High
  • Hamilton Gold Line – Display Plate Dimensions 5” Wide x 4” High
  • Unitec Wash Select II – Display Plate Dimensions 5” Wide x 4” High

You can take advantage of software integrations with:

  • ICS Auto Sentry
  • DRB XPT + SiteWatch
  • Hamilton HTK
  • Unitec Sierra Server (Portal,
  • Sentinel, CStart)
  • Egeunuity POS Integration

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