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WashCard Car Wash Loyalty Programs & Software

WashCard Loyalty software was created to give your car wash operations the competitive edge needed to build customer loyalty – and that means more transactions, higher sales and more profitability.

Ten years of data from the industry is conclusive. 

Customers will use a car wash loyalty program when they have the OPTION to save money and they have the availability of a loyalty program. The great thing about WashCard loyalty programs is that they are easy to use, are automated, and create excitement around your business for your customers.

Car wash loyalty programs are becoming more and more popular throughout the industry and offer you a special opportunity to gain customers for life. Get on board with your car wash loyalty program today and see how it can drastically change your business!

We believe we offer the best loyalty software available. With it, you can:

  • Track the transactions and sales of all your consumer or business car wash customers
  • Build frequency, transaction size and profitability with special offers and discounts
  • Target your valuable markdown investment where it will generate the most return
  • Connect every service in your car wash operation and track transactions and sale, including all connected services – vacuum, pet wash, etc.
  • Manage the program from anywhere – online
  • Develop and view spending profiles like time-of-day pricing
  • Help your customers hold fundraising events for sports teams, businesses, community groups, or special causes
  • Build referrals, trial and sales with gift card programs, which can be reloaded online or at an at-wash kiosk

What sets WashCard Loyalty Software Apart?

Security & Power

Our secure and powerful car wash loyalty program software takes control of every transaction in and out of your PCI-DSS validated system. Our cloud-based management center allows you to manage every aspect of your system easily, whether you have 3 business locations – or 300.

Reporting Options

Select the exact reports you need to help you track profitability and gauge the success of promotions. Includes the ability to export functions to popular accounting programs and complete audit tools to oversee employees and income as well as automated programs to reward customers for their continued support.

Marketing Programs

You can take advantage of everything our system has to offer or select the marketing programs, tools, and services that are what you think you need that differentiate you from all other car wash competitors in your trade area.

Spending Rewards

Set up rewards based on what you know will work in your trade area. Buy one Deluxe car wash, get one Free vacuum promotion for example.

Email Marketing & Direct Mail

We can do the work of compiling a list of your registered customers for you; send targeted marketing emails.

Charity Fundraising

Support your customers’ causes and create repeat business. Track use and create residual payments to organizations of your choice.

Monthly Use Bonuses

Reward your loyal customers monthly by giving them credits for using your wash regularly. You set the minimum and bonus percentage and let the system do the rest.

Birthday Washes

Who doesn’t love free things on their birthday? This is a simple promotion to give annual gifts to your loyal customers.

Business & Fleet Program

Fleet business can be your biggest business segment. Marketing to local businesses to use your wash can be very profitable for you. With WashCard, it’s also very simple with auto invoicing, user accounts for personal management, and our WashPass system.

WashCard Automated Billing Systems – Our Most Profitable Program!

Take advantage of more sales and more profit with WashCard time-saving software program benefits including the Automated Billing program for invoicing business accounts. This program automatically creates the invoices, then emails them out to all of your clients on the first of every month. Not a single mouse click required!

We think you will see there isn’t anything else really like it in the industry.

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