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car wash marketing

Retail Car Wash Marketing Services

At WashCard, we have been building advertising and promotional programs for car wash operators for decades. We will work directly with you to meet your needs.

Large Signs


Metal Signs

Card Holders



Business Cards





Specialty Items

Loyalty Cards

Custom RFID Tags

…And More!

We can help you. Contact us today at 651-661-9710, and let us help you succeed!

Car Wash Marketing Tools

Custom Videos

Promote your car wash locations with custom videos for your Facebook page or website featuring WashPass, Fleet and Commercial programs, UWashApp, or any of your wash services. Let customers see and hear the benefits of loyalty cards, gift cards or special promotions.

Vinyl Banners

Get folks looking! If you are opening a new location or have new features at your car wash, placing large vinyl banners outside your business is a great way to generate some “right-hand turns”!

Heavy-Duty Aluminum Signs

Special promotions and customer instructions that withstand the elements – and a car wash environment – with aluminum signage that gets the message seen! Got an idea? Let us “sign it up.”

Brochures & Flyers

Leave-behind or take-one marketing materials are a great way to communicate to commercial, fleet customers and small businesses. We can design them to fit into #10 envelopes so you can drop them in the mail to all the businesses in your area.


Promote your business and the services you provide with simple, high-impact posters. We can produce any size artwork that works for your space.

Digital Marketing Tools

Digital & Website Marketing

Digital marketing can make a huge impact on your customer base. Call us about your website or email marketing needs. Good digital marketing can bring a breath of new life to your business, make you more visible online, and create a relationship with customers you never knew you could have!

Custom Website Design

You need a website that stands out. WashCard can help design your website to be fully mobile and create more traffic. Connect your website to email marketing tools, and link to online payment portals such as our Customer Account Portal.

We now have multiple options to choose from to fit your needs best, each giving you beautiful sites with little to no maintenance on your end. You can manage your content or have our dedicated team manage it for you.

Email Marketing Tools

We understand the need to drive business in easy, practical ways. We can connect email marketing tools directly to your website to allow users to sign up for email updates from you. We make it easy: You input email copy and hit send!

Want to know more about marketing your car wash?

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Card Dispenser & Recharger

The all-inclusive, self-service loyalty dispenser system for your car wash loyalty program. No need to be on site.

A Better Answer: The Self-Service BayStation

Want to market directly in your bays? The BayStation allows you to do that with the full-color LCD screens!