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Self Service Terminal Bay for credit card and loyalty

The WashCard Self-Service Payment Terminal

Our self-service bay payment terminal is a card-reading add-on that has been the sales-creating addition to car washes across the United States – for decades! This versatile terminal is a great addition to washes with meter boxes that are in good condition.

Takes cards and now mobile payments with the UWashApp!

Every location upgraded to credit and debit can deliver double consumer spending!

Operators who add credit card acceptance to their self-service bays experience customers spending almost twice as much as they did when using cash. When you provide your customers the convenience of using the credit or debit card that is already in their wallet, they can skip the trip to the change machine and will reward you with increased spending. It happens every time!

The Bay Terminal has an LCD display with dual language capability, which provides custom messaging to customers giving them simple instructions displaying what they spent and the balance on their prepaid card, and thanks them for their business. 

Card and mobile customers are able to purchase the level of services they WANT, not just what they have enough quarters for in their ash tray.

Great Features at a Great Price. Starting at $1,995!

Control Your Fees

You have full control over who you use for your credit card processing.

Add To Other Services

No need to limit credit card use to just your self-service bays – take credit, debit and loyalty card transactions on all your services!

Remote Activation

As an operator, you’ll be able to activate your wash equipment remotely from anywhere.

Responsive Customer Service

You can resolve and manage customer service issues from anywhere, too!

Marketing Options

Expand your business potential with added Loyalty Software capability. Build traffic with commercial, fleet and small business accounts.

Web-Based Administration

Change prices, review sales information, manage your business remotely.

Self-Serve Payment Terminal Dimensions

6” Wide x 6” Deep x 16” High

Best Applications

  • Self-Service Bay
  • Pet Wash
  • Bulk Water Dispensing
  • Vacuums
self service payment terminal for credit card and loyalty card

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