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Do you believe Tap-to-Pay is here to stay 

and mobile apps are not going away… 

…Then you’ll love WashCard Systems Tap & App!

Offer your customers the two most preferred, best payment options available today.

They are now available in one great package – WashCard Tap & App.

Save money on fees with the combination of these two preferred payment options! 

Customers Prefer Tap-to-Pay

Retail customers prefer the safety and security, speed and convenience of Tap-to-Pay technology. The technological and cost advantages to your customers and your business make this payment technology a must-have for your car wash – today!

Call us today and we’ll get to work tailoring a tap-to-pay setup for your wash.

Customers Will Love Your UWashApp!

There is no more efficient way to pay – or safer method of payment for your customers than with a mobile app. Recent data from Mastercard shows 8 in 10 American shoppers are using contactless payments due to concerns over safety and cleanliness.

With the WashCard Tap & App combination program, you’ll get tap-to-pay technology, and all the benefits of a customizable UWashApp mobile app. Get all the benefits:

Customer Benefits:

  • Fleet and Business Accounts and Reporting
  • Count Up Available for all Services, including Self-Serve Bays and Vacuums
  • Buy 10-Get-One-Free Program 
  • Free Wash with Registration 
  • Rain Check Program (check out our recent blog post here — 98% profit!)
  • Anniversary Wash Rewards
  • Free Vac-With-Wash Reward Option

Benefits for Your Car Wash Operation

  • Customizable subscription membership programs
  • Custom App Graphics Branded with Your Logo and Location
  • Custom Bay Decals and Signage
  • Car Wash Owner’s Portal – track your sales and manage your program.
  • House Accounts 




3 Reasons to Choose Tap-to-Pay

Faster Transactions

Compared to payments made with cash or chip and PIN cards, payments made using tap are significantly faster because you don’t have to wait for a customer to key in their PIN or search for cash. This helps customers complete their transactions quickly and allows you to help the next customer faster.

Acceptance of “Wallet-less” Customers

Many customers are now adding their debit and credit card information to their mobile devices using Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and other “alternative” payment methods. To be able to accept these customers payments you need to have a payment terminal that accepts tap.

Secure Transactions

NFC technology ensures that tap and pay transactions are secure. Both Visa and Mastercard require the customer to hold the card within 4 cm of the card reader for the transaction to go through. The transactions also include a unique security code for each transaction to protect against fraud. Finally, cardholders also have protection for their purchases from the card providers.

Take advantage of the WashCard Tap & App Program.

Save money on fees with the combination of these two preferred payment options! 

Let’s get started!

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Find out how Tap & App can bring your wash more traffic, and more profit.

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Consumers prefer the safety and security – and the speed and convenience of Tap-to-Pay technology.

The UWashApp

The UWashApp Pair your card loyalty programs along with the UWashApp to serve all your customers needs.