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UWash Car Wash app

Welcome To UWashApp!

We are excited to have you join our team! We are ready to get you up and running as soon as possible. Below are the steps you will take to get UWashApp ready for your customers at your car wash locations.

During support setup, we will need you to provide some information about your car wash location(s). Including the service types, device types, timers, etc. One of our team members will walk through all of these items with you on an Onboarding phone call to make sure we have all of the information we need to get your devices installed correctly and promptly.

Work with our marketing team to create custom icons, custom decals and signage for your bays, custom advertisements, and whatever else you may need to help get UWashApp customized for your car wash.

Set up your login and house account. Go over reporting and promotional options. Learn how to upload new advertisements for your wash.

Work with our support team to add UWash Activation Modules to your equipment. 

Test equipment and QR codes to make sure things are ready for your customers.

Once you have received all of your marketing materials, installed equipment, and have everything tested, you’re ready to start selling with UWashApp!

We are always here to support you. Whether you have a module down, need changes on your app, or just want to chat about how to achieve your goals, we have people here to help you every step of the way.

Having your own mobile app for payments is a great customer service addition.

The WashCard UWashApp is the answer for new customers, safety and convenience

ONLY $100 Per Service

The customizable mobile app for the customers at your car wash. Safer payment solution. Promotion Opportunities. Your competitive advantage.

Get the UWashApp customized for your car wash.

Take advantage of Fleet Programs, Count Up, and other great features.

Get the details – after initial setup costs of $2,995, which includes programming, branding, customization, signage and onboarding

The Centers for Disease Control recommend consumers use “no-touch” payment systems wherever possible.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) outline lots of procedures for keeping people safe by slowing the spread of COVID. There are loads of examples and plenty of good direction on the CDC website; plenty specific to retail outlets. Utilization of a no-touch payment system like the UWashApp gives car wash an option to be safe and comfortable.

Schedule your customized demo today!

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Find out how UWashApp can bring your wash more traffic, bigger transactions, and more profit.

• Get comprehensive onboarding to get you started quickly and easily!
• Learn how to manage your business from your UWashApp Portal
• Receive customer feedback – improve your customer service
• Take advantage of UWashApp upgrades – Get new features!
• Beat your competition to the punch

UWashApp works with ANY wash equipment – it’s an easy upgrade to ANY system.