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RFID washpass for car wash

The WashCard WashPass

Build your monthly revenue, rain or shine, with unlimited programs through WashCard WashPass.

WashPass software puts your operation on a whole new playing field.

WashPass is the RFID  (radio frequency identification) based program built to make car washing easier for your customers and easier for you to manage. You can use the WashPass tags to set up customized wash programs for your regular customers or for your fleet and business accounts.

Work with our marketing team to customize the graphics for your reader and create customized tags for your customers’ vehicles. And, ask about the marketing services we can provide you to start to promote your new fleet and commercial business so you can hit the ground running!

WashPass Plan Types

Pre-paid Plans

Customers can load their account to wash at their own convenience. Notifications can be sent as their account balances are getting low.

Invoiced Accounts

This is ideal for fleet and business accounts where users can wash as much as they need. At the end of the month, our automated system will send an invoice for them to pay for their services. Or, they can have payment information kept on file for automatic charges at the end of the billing cycle. By using RFID capability, your customers don’t have to tangle with employee or company credit cards – making everything more efficient for them.

Limited or Unlimited

While unlimited wash programs can drive traffic, they are not a fit for every car wash operation and circumstance. Your WashPass software is able to limit the number of washes, how many washes per day, the allowable amount spent, etc. You control the value of the promotional markdown you are willing to invest.

WashPass Customized RFID Tags

You can take advantage of RFID technology to make it easier on club members – register your customer once, stick a tag on their windshield and your reader does the rest! WashPass RFID tag technology is safe and secure. It is designed to “self-destruct” if removed from the car window once it has been applied.

WashPass is a simple, low-cost way to get features like this in your business.

Multiple Services Support

You can add Guest Pass WashCards that work with unlimited wash plans on automatic bays, self-serve bays, vacuums and other services.

Custom Applications

Use your branded WashPass program for commercial and fleet customers. Set up custom WashPass programs to meet the needs of owners of storage units, parking garages and car dealerships!

Automated Billing

The efficiency provided by new subscribers who are on automatic monthly billing is a great advantage for your operation. Business accounts can be set up to have their company credit cards billed automatically, making your job more efficient and profitable. 

Cashier Integration

WashPass hardware can work in conjunction with just about every automatic-entry station on the market. We can get you started today!

WashPass RFID Dimensions

RFID Reader – 12” x 12”

rfid washpass for car wash

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