Over 25 years of service adds up to a solid and sturdy loyalty platform our customers have come to depend on.


Consumers will use a Loyalty Card when it's their choice.

Ten years of data from the car wash industry is conclusive– customers will use a card program when they have the OPTION to save a couple bucks by paying with cash or their credit card. The Card Dispenser is typically located in the vending area of a car wash or laundromat and consumers that want to take advantage of special discounts, loyalty bonuses, and family-share plans can do so by using cash (cash-to-card) or their credit card (card-to-card).

powerful loyalty software

Loyalty Programs

What sets us apart?

What sets WashCard apart is the secure and powerful loyalty software that takes control of every transaction in and out of your PCI-DSS validated system.  Our cloud-based management center allows you to easily manage every aspect of your system, whether you have 3 business locations– or 300.  A multitude of reports help you track profitability, gauge success of promotions, and includes the ability to export functions to popular accounting programs.  Complete audit tools to oversee employees and income as well as automated programs to reward customers for their continued support.

Take advantage of all the system has to offer with a variety of marketing programs, tools, and services that differentiate you from all others.

Some of the Loyalty options Available...

Buy something, get something free! This is a simple promotion which gives your customers a free service with the purchase of another service.

Loyalty Spending Rewards

Support your customers causes and create repeat business. Track usage and create residual payments to organizations of your choice.

Loyalty Charity Spending

Who doesn’t love free things on their birthday? This is a simple promotion to give annual gifts to your loyal customers.

Loyalty Birthday Wash

WashCard compiles a list of your registered customers for you which you can use to send targeted marketing emails.

Loyalty Email Marketing

Reward your loyal customers monthly by giving them credits for using your wash regularly. You set the minimum and bonus percentage and let the system do the rest.

Loyalty Monthly Usage


Did you know fleet business can be your biggest business? Marketing to local businesses to use your wash can be very profitable for you. With WashCard, it's also very simple with auto invoicing, user accounts for personal management, and our WashPass system.

Loyalty Online Fleet Business Manager

Plus many more options for loyalty and rewards!

Loyalty Program Infographic


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