Get a 78% member increase in 6 months with great signage
Awareness, consideration, and purchase are the three steps consumers make when they are considering buying products or services. And there isn’t ANY better place to build awareness, present services for consideration and drive a purchase than in or at your car wash.
Build awareness with great signage – Support consumer engagement and learning –
Signage works for you 24-7!!
Quality – A simple, colorful sign package will break through clutter and brighten up your wash‍
Services – Simply, clearly communicate all the benefits of your customized UWashApp‍
Experience – Clean, easy-to-read signage with easy-to-use QR codes enhances ease of experience‍
Their Connection with Your Brand – Car washes are fun! And the UWashApp brand featuring Sterling the “Spokes-Gator” brings character to your wash.

Sterling is not meant to replace any mascot you have in your operation! He was created specifically for your UWashApp branding. More personality means more fun and engagement.

Sometimes car wash signage can be wordy and not engaging – especially in self-service environments where lots of instructions are necessary.

Take advantage of the opportunity to add colorful, functional and fun communication that will build your customized UWashApp brand and customer loyalty!!

This package is Professional, Trademarked and Proven Successful!!!

78% Member Increase in 6 Months With Sign Packages

33% of Invited Users Come And Use The Wash

95% of Umbrella Policy Purchases Go Unclaimed

“Get Started” Signage

Invite guests to download UWashApp with your location set up for when they are ready to start a service. Choose your size & graphics. Any graphic can be customized.

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“Learn More” Signage

Promote your best programs with in-bay signage. Create your own salesman inside your wash 24/7!

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Service Instruction Signage

These signs provide instructions and a QR code for users to use to start the service they are at. Service instructions are included with the onboarding for UWashApp.

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Jim Aldrich
Conejo Car Wash
I had 278 new app customers – 273 came back for their second wash – in just 60 days…and all I did was put up the signs WashCard provided!

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