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UWash Helps Make Your Services Accessible To 100% Of Potential Customers. 

Convenience is the single-most important factor you can leverage to improve your business. And mobile payment using a cell phone app has more appeal today than ever before. 

In order to grow your business with young professionals, business owners and convenience-driven consumers, you need to provide the convenience, and easy accessibility to your services that can come only from a consumer app.

The Center for Disease Control recommends consumers use “no-touch” payment systems wherever possible.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) outlines lots of procedures for keeping people safe by slowing the spread of COVID. There are loads of examples and plenty of good direction on the CDC website; plenty specific to retail outlets.

Obviously, the CDC offers guidance to retailers when exchanging paper and coin money like: do not touch your face afterward, asking customers to place cash on the counter rather than directly into your hand, etc. The CDC also encourages retailers to clean and disinfect frequently-touched surfaces such as workstations, cash registers, payment terminals, door handles, tables, and countertops on a routine basis.

Having your own cell phone app for payment will be a great customer service.

UWashApp is the answer!

Having your own cell phone app for your customers to use for payment and promotions will set you apart from your competition. Delight your car wash guests:

  • A Better Experience – You’ll be making your car wash services easier to buy so you attract more customers!

  • Fun, Consumer Branding — UWashApp has its own personality and branding to help you stand out from your competition!


  • 40% of consumers NEVER USE CASH so your car wash will be more accessible to desirable demographic groups – younger people, professionals and businesses


  • 30% of consumers say they spend more with retailers who offer payment and promotions through an app!


  • While the app makes your services easier to buy, UWashApp will help lower service, reporting and administrative costs.

UWash is a traffic, transaction and profit-builder.
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  • Location Detection
  • On-screen Selection
  • Mobile Authorization
  • Wireless activation
  • Purchase confirmation

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