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Set a plan to build traffic, average transaction, and profits.

No matter what kind of car wash operation you own. WashCard payment systems, software and app programs payoff for any-sized operation!

Regardless of whether you are a single-location retail car wash operator or the member of a management team at a big box retailer with responsibility for the profitable operations of many car wash locations, WashCard has the programs, cloud-based systems and sophistication to help you achieve the financial and consumer satisfaction goals you have set for yourself and your operation.

Single Location Retail Operators

As an aggressive, independent car wash owner, you can build brand credibility and differentiate yourself in your trade area for as little as a $3,950 initial investment in the UWashApp, which makes your services 100% accessible for the growing consumer base that prefers using payment-by-phone app convenience. We’ve also supported remodels that make locations 100% card-accessible for less than $7,000. No matter what size your operation is or what your volume is, WashCard has a program that can provide you access to more consumers.

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Multiple Location Retail Operators

If you already own more than one wash and are planning to add more to your business, the WashCard Cross-Connect platform is the ultimate “hot wire” that can connect different locations and different brands of equipment as you are purchasing or building new locations. You can upgrade payment capability with the UWashApp for as little as $3,950 per location. Ready to do a major overhaul on a location? Call us about the WashCard BayStation – the ultimate payment system platform – starting at about $13,900. Take advantage of Automated Fleet Billing for your business account development initiatives.

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Convenience and Service Chains

As an executive in a convenience store or service center chain, you need partners who understand more than the just car wash business. Merchandising, cross-selling, category management and profitability all matter. WashCard programs like the UWashApp provide low cost-of-entry ($3,950 per location) opportunities for you to expand customer reach, create an additional “destination” experience for your customers, and build traffic and average transactions and loyalty. Need an app? We have it. And, we understand your need to differentiate yourself in the marketplace.

We can provide volume-based pricing!
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Big Box Retail Support

Get fresh insight into any of your car wash operations or marketing opportunities or problems.

We can provide an app for you if you need one to be competitive. Already have an app and need it to connect with your out-lot car wash units? We’ve got that too. When you work with WashCard, you are partnering with over 30 years of retail car wash operations, payment and marketing knowledge and experience. We can connect your app to any car wash unit with our exclusive Cross-Connect technology.

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