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The WashCard team is committed to helping you acquire the best technology and build the most loyal following for your business. We want you to get “All-In” with WashCard – and have it make sense for you.
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What is “All-In” with WashCard?

You don’t have to be a big operator to get the lowest fees. WashCard rewards your loyalty by giving you the lowest fees when you are “All-In.” Process credit, Tap-to-Pay and UWashApp business, on all possible services. Get the lowest possible fees!

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You don’t have to be a big operator!

You don’t have to be a big operator to get lower fees. All you have to be is ‘All-In” – Loyal! WashCard delivers the highest value and lowest possible fees by combining the volume of independent operators.

With WashCard, there are NO hidden fees!

At WashCard, we are upfront about costs and fees. We do not hide fees within credit card fees – or anywhere else. We always operate with complete transparency. We deliver the car wash operators the very best value in the industry.

Take advantage of 100% tax write-offs

Get a tax-saving deduction when you purchase a new Tap & App payment system. Any investment you make now will be smart – no matter how big or small – because you can deduct up to $1,160,000 in new or used equipment and software from your 2023 taxes.

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30-Day Rapid Installation Incentive

When you get up and running within 30-days of equipment delivery, you can receive special pricing incentives.

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Annual 5% Marketing Reinvestment

Every year WashCard reinvests 5% of your collected Tap&App fees back into your business where it matters most – point-of-sale signage that builds your business

Annual 5% Charitable Community Giving

WashCard will take 5% of our profits and donate 100% of those proceeds to a non-profit charity of your choice.

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