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Tap-to-Pay is here to stay 
and mobile apps are not going away

Get The Tap & App Advantage!

The two best payment options available today are now available in one great package!


Consumers prefer the safety, security, speed, and convenience of Tap-to-Pay.The technological, security and cost advantages to your business make this payment technology a must-have for your business in the future. Let us tailor a tap-to-pay setup for your wash.

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There is no more efficient way to pay – or safer method of payment for consumers than with a mobile app. Recent data from Mastercard shows 8 in 10 American shoppers are using contactless payments due to concerns over safety and cleanliness.

When you take advantage of Tap & App, you’ll save money on your fees with the combination of the two programs. Call us today for the numbers!

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We have 30-years expertise in making it all work!

UWash Car Wash App with Sterling the aligator


Create Programs That Fit Your Wash! 

The customizable cell phone app for the customers at your car wash. Safer payment solution. Promotion Opportunities. Your competitive advantage.

  • NEW! Unlimited Programs or Set Your Own Limits

  • A customized app to match your branding and rewards programs
  • Take advantage of Fleet Programs, Count Up, and other great features
  • Get the details – after initial setup costs of $2,995, which includes programming, branding, customization, signage and onboarding

$100 for each bay, vacuum or other service!

Who We Are

WashCard has been serving the car wash industry for 30 years and running. Whether you have one location, or hundreds, our hardware and software tools equip you with the ability to run your car wash at its peak. The payment hardware and software that WashCard offers has provided the opportunity to help car wash owners graduate from “bag-full-of-quarters” operations to technologically current, progressive small businesses.

Small Business, Commercial and Fleet Wash Program

Check out our great options. No matter what you call them, your customers need trackable wash transactions, easy billing and payment systems and accurate reporting. WashCard has you covered.

A Better Answer: The Self-Service BayStation

Add credit card payments AND commercial, fleet and loyalty programs all at once! Here is a dependable, cost-effective payment system that can be retro fitted to your existing payment systems.

Automated Billing

WashCard Automated Billing Systems can be your #1 profit builder. This program automatically creates invoices, and emails them out to all of your clients on the first of every month. There isn’t anything else like it in the industry.

Retail Car Wash Marketing Services

At WashCard, we have been building advertising and promotional programs for car wash operators for decades. We will work directly with you to meet your needs. From websites to banners to brochures and more, we can help you get your car wash

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