WashCard has been providing loyalty and credit card solutions in the car wash and laundry industry for over 25 years. With nearly three decades of experience, we pride ourselves in the ability to constantly innovate. We provide the industry with new products, solutions, and payment standards. We set our bar high so you can be successful.

Whether you are looking for loyalty services, marketing services, secure credit card acceptance, or mobile payments, WashCard has you covered.

"I LOVE the new system. The software is very intuitive and tech support is great!"

Car Wash Location in Saskatchewan, Canada

Pay By Phone is here!

Pay By Phone is the latest and greatest in car wash technology. Only WashCard offers mobile payments along with continued loyalty services.

Make Your Mark

Do you need banners? A website? Custom cards, decals, or even t-shirts? WashCard is dedicated to help make you successful, no matter your needs.

Baystation: For a New Generation

The next breakthrough in Self Service technology. Backed with the security of WashCard and reliability of our products and services. Accept any payment form of payment with this easy-to-use system.

Why WashCard?

New Posibilities

Outfit your existing car wash or laundry equipment with readers. Provide customers new payment options including mobile payments.

Build Your Market

Increase customer retention using our unique loyalty and marketing tools.


Connect multiple locations with different hardware easily manage them all from the same place.


Access Cloud based Management center from the office, home or on the go.

Spending Rewards

Spending Rewards

Reward your customers for choosing the best! When a customer buys your top wash package, give them a free vacuum or other service. Separate credit card and loyalty card settings.


Price Specials

Set up special pricing options for slow times during the week to encourage customers to switch when they stop in. The software automates everything so you just have to se the time.


Remotely Activate any Service

When customers call at all hours for refund, don't mail a check, simply activate another machine for them with any web enabled device.



Take advantage of business accounts without having to chase customers for payments. Securely store customer payment information and automatically charge them daily, weekly or monthly for usage.

Over 1 Million Active Loyalty Cards


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