WashCard Systems works directly with business operators. We ensure their business is fitted with the necessary software and equipment they need. We aim to improve their consumer experience.

Every customer, location, and region is different. That is why we offer many different options and features that will suit your business. Our team understands your needs and we offer solid solutions to help your business. We have helped businesses build, connect and transform successful venues around the world.

Dan Yarusso WashCard Systems
Dan Yarusso – President, WashCard Systems


If you’ve never heard WashCard Founder, Dan Yarusso, talk about how he started his business 27 years ago, it’s worth a 4 minute watch. Here’s Dan from a presentation at The Car Wash Show 2017 sharing about how the very first WashCard was created.



With more and more options out in the market, selecting a system to manage your loyalty programs can be a daunting decision to make, and it’s definitely not something you want to jump the gun or simply choose the “best deal”.  It takes time to find the right system for your business. After your purchase, you will be using this card system everyday to access customer data, manage fleets, summary reports, export data to Quickbooks, reload a card, charge an account, manage promotions and many other things that pop up in a typical day-to-day business. There will be questions, and you want to make sure you have someone to ask.

Our team of dedicated support analysts are available to take your call and help you along the way. Want to try something new? Consult with our team and they will work with you to start a new program, walk you through a problem or create a marketing strategy that will meet your business needs.

It’s Not Just A Sale

We work as a team with each of our customers and help them each step of the way.  We’ve seen customers with one or two locations grow over the years and turn their brand into multiple locations because of the initiative they took to market themselves better and expand their business to a bigger market.  Loyalty programs work. Rewarding customers work. Making a profit is possible, but you need to start somewhere, and that is where we come in.  It will take work, just like any business, or any exercise DVD (can’t just pop it in the player and lose weight, right?) but we can work with you and help along the way, just as we have worked with over 400 business around the world to ensure that they not only succeed, but that they are also safe from outside threats and viruses so that their place of business stays running and their reputation stays clean.

With WashCard Systems, It’s All About YOU

You are the reason our team of engineers get up in the morning and come to work as we continually update our software and hardware. For over 25 years, we have consistently made changes so that our customers are always up to date with the latest marketing tools, reports and technology to keep these businesses ahead of the game.

Not only do we make our hardware up to date, our software is just as strong. We not only offer a variety of tools, we offer security when it comes to accepting credit card payments. We do this because YOU shouldn’t have to worry about it. The last thing you need is a security breach and we know this. It’s just as important to us to have your payments be secure and safe.

Talk to one of our industry specialists today and find out how we can help you start taking cards!

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