Tap&App – The All Access Car Wash Payment System‍

Today, 50% of consumers say they will not shop at a store that does not offer contactless payment methods. Tap-to-pay is the new cash!

Give your customers all of the payment options with our All Access solution. Tap. Chip. Mag Stripe. Apple Pay. Google Pay. Loyalty WashCards. UWashApp.

Chip Card Payments: Today, 86% of all card-present transactions use EMV chip technology. Taking chip-insert technology is important

Tap-to-Pay: The easy-to-use contactless payment method! Your customers pay with a credit or debit card with NFC technology or their cell phones

Swipe Payments: Although this technology is being phased out, the All-Access system accepts swipe payments

Loyalty Card-based Payments: The All-Access payment system can be set up for WashCard loyalty and membership programs

Apple Pay is a digital payment ‘wallet’ for iPhone users. Their iPhone is a ‘digital wallet’ from which payments are made

Google Pay is a payment app created by Google that allows your customers to access funds and make payments with their smart phones

Samsung Pay is a digital wallet payment platform for Samsung phones. Their phone is a ‘digital wallet’ from which payments are made

UWashApp is our customizable loyalty and membership app that works with the All-Access payment system to bring you every payment method possible

Tap-to-pay will help grow your business

Tap is the fastest growing payment technology today. Tap-to-pay transactions grew by more than 30% over the last year. Touch-free payment is not just a feature – it’s essential.

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Purchase tap-to-pay hardware and get UWashApp – the feature-rich loyalty mobile application, a $1,195 per bay value, at NO additional cost.

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Write off your Tap&App costs on your 2024 taxes

Get a Section 179 tax-saving deduction when you purchase tap-to-pay systems for your wash. You can deduct the expenses on your 2024 taxes. Any investment you make now will be smart – no matter how big or small.

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Michael Shonka
Bubble Land Car Wash
WashCard delivers great support and is always ahead of the curve in terms of payment technology. They bring things that always benefit my business – which has really grown!

With WashCard Tap&App…

You’ll offer every preferred payment method available today: Google Pay, Apple Pay, card tap payments, app payments, you name it. Then, create loyalty with these great features from UWashApp

  • Membership Programs
  • Invite A Friend Feature
  • Reward Tracker
  • Cross-Selling opportunities
  • Business to Business Accounts
  • Wash Packages
  • And so much more…
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WashCard Tap&App Upgrade

Tap&App upgrades for your WashCard equipment are uncomplicated and straightforward. By replacing the door – you keep the same box – and a few other steps you can get the latest payment technology.

WashPay Tap&App Upgrade

Do you operate a WashPay system? Upgrade to Tap&App by replacing the door on your current box. We’ve made this plug in really straightforward. Plus, you get the feature–rich, customizable UWashApp Free!

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