Our BayStation builds sales, loyalty & profits
This is an all-in-one solution your customers will love. It simplifies transactions and gives you the tools to upsell washes, manage your business better and make higher profits. We don’t think there is anything else like it – anywhere.
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WashCard BayStation with All Access Tap&App is perfect for remodeling, upgrading, building or buying a new location.

Go from your old rotary switch meter to the BayStation, a simple solution that can fit your unique offerings – and help you expand services. Your customers will be attracted to the ease-of-use and latest technology.

Invest in the latest payment system to drive more business

WashCard BayStation Features Include:

  • 7″ full color video display
  • Cashless and cash versions available
  • In-bay video advertising
  • 12 separate services available
  • Individual pricing for each service
  • All payment methods available – coin, cash, credit card, loyalty card, tap with card or mobile, and UWashApp

BayStation Benefits & Features

  • Accept any form of payment: Get more customers offer more convenience
  • Contactless: Contactless payments are safer and preferred by more car wash customers today
  • Connectivity: Customers spend more and use more services because of the convenience
  • Loyalty Program: Build sales with loyalty and membership programs available with UWashApp
  • Newest, most secure payment technologies: Google, Apple Pay, cards, etc.

Use video to increase sales

The WashCard BayStation also includes a full-color, high-quality video display. You can easily download videos to inform your customers of current promotions and help increase the cross-selling of your wash services.

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Remote activation is great when a customer calls with an issue and you can turn on the wash for them right from your cell phone!

Will the BayStation work with my setup?

You can choose between three optimal sizes, each with multiple configurations. Pricing flexibility is built in for individual service pricing for up to 12 products.

BayStation accepts any form of payment.

Working with your credit processing provider, the BayStation accepts mobile and tap payments and interfaces with our UWashApp.

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