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We have spent the last three decades pushing the car wash industry forward with cutting-edge technology that helps clients operate and build their business.

Convenience Store and Service Center Car Wash Retailers know WashCard understands the critical importance of building traffic, increasing the average transaction and boosting profitability.

The payment hardware and software that WashCard offers has provided the opportunity to help car wash owners graduate to technologically current, progressive businesses.

WashCard loyalty software has created opportunities for owner-operators to build their businesses – all while offering transparency into their businesses and customer base.

Already Have Your Own App?

Allow Cross Connect enabled Apps to pay for wash services with mobile payments or by redeeming points from a rewards program database.

Maintain control of your customer data, leverage existing infrastructure, and create new experiences without the cost and complexity involved in developing and maintaining your own custom solution.

Cross Connect is a cloud-based platform that gives your software developers a secure and cost-effective way to integrate new functionality into their existing programs and quickly bring new features to market.

Day Part Merchandising

Motivate in-wash customers throughout the day. Increase food purchases based on the time of day and the day of the week! Take advantage of the “in-wash” sales window.

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Drive More Traffic

Rotate your feature items! Use UWashApp to serve customers spot promotions. Introduce new items. Highlight key categories. UWashApp is your targeted marketing and advertising partner.

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Larger Transactions

With the UWashApp you can serve targeted offers to build your average transaction size. You can receive “on-premise” alerts when your customer is on-site.

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Car Wash Programs

Capture new customers. Create more destination shopping visits with Wash Membership programs. Activate your wash through the UWashApp.

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