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Businesses need clean vehicles and simple payment programs.
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Businesses need clean vehicles and simple payment programs to keep their businesses and brands looking good. Deliver for business with fleet and commercial programs with UWashApp, and you’ll be rewarded with increased volume and profit potential.

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More sales – less work

Business owners can set up an account with you and add their employees to “Keep the Fleet Clean”. They manage their own account – once they are set up, there’s little or no additional work on your end.

Count Up delivers more time at the wash and more sales

A fleet and commercial program with a Count Up feature allows customers to wash until they feel their vehicle is clean. That means cleaner fleets and more time at the meter. That’s a Win-Win!

Program with personality

Fleet customers will find that UWashApp is convenient & easy-to-use. And, UWashApp is proprietary & fun. It features Sterling the Alligator, so you’ll stand out from competition! Best of all? No cards, no hand invoicing, no hassles.

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