Installing WashCard at my locations was the best thing I’ve done in years; they’re great, my business is booming and their support team is top notch and have always been there over the years when I’ve needed a hand!
— Lisa Lyons, Buggy Bath Car Wash

Why WashCard Customers Keep Coming Back

• You don't have to spend money on all new equipment.

• Your customers will personally thank you for the convenience.

• Your business will stand out from the competition.

You already have perfectly good equipment and can’t justify the cost of buying all new equipment just to get credit card and loyalty card acceptance. It’s just like our grandparents used to say, “If it ain’t broke, no need to replace it”.

Our customers are surprised to find out that WashCard is not “just another card system”. After doing extensive research to compare what is available on the market they always come back to WashCard because of the ability to tie multiple manufacturers, mulitiple services, and multiple locations together with a single card system.

Your customers will be amazed with how convenient it is to be able to swipe their card right in the bay or in front of the washer or dryer. Customers love having the choice to pay with cash, credit card, check card, and earn bonus wash dollars when they buy a loyalty card onsite or online.