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Accept car wash credit card payments -Without having to accept credit cards

Accept car wash credit card payments -Without having to accept credit cards

It’s nice when you can take credit and debit cards in every part of your car wash operation, especially self-service bays. Trouble is, it can be pricey to get all the hardware and stuff installed to be able to accept the cards. A mobile app is one great short-cut answer – especially for self-service bays.
With a mobile app, consumers can use their cell phone to make car wash credit card payments through the app, but you don’t have to install card readers and all the other heavy-duty stuff to be equipped to take the payments.

With an app – like the WashCard UWashApp – you can add mobile and card payments on every piece of equipment in your operation and offer customers more convenient, and touch-free, ways to pay. 

This is a really fast way to build your sales and profits.

The other nice thing about a customer using a cell phone app, is the fact that they are literally pulling expenses out of your operation. They are taking on almost all your transaction expenses – and then some:

  • The app provides the consumer payment system – you don’t have to handle cash or cards
  • Customers don’t need a keypad or swipe – they bring their own ‘card reader’ (it’s their cell phone)
  • You don’t need to print or provide receipts
  • They bring a virtual loyalty card with them – you don’t have to provide or recharge one
  • With a good app, you will have access to nifty reports about all customer transactions
  • The app lets you send video and promotion content to their phone
  • The app transfers all the PCI compliance responsibility away from you 
  • Finally, they are carrying a promotional delivery device, their cell phone, at all times

If you believe every small part of transacting and communicating with a car wash customer costs something (and it does!!), then a cell phone app is one sure way to move transaction costs out of your operation and into your customers cell phone. 

That means more convenience for customers and more sales and profits for you.

WashCard has over three decades of car wash credit card payments and software experience. Our mobile app, UWashApp, can deliver all the great benefits listed here, and more!

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