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Meet Patrick Barbour from Mud Magnet Car Wash

Meet Patrick Barbour from Mud Magnet Car Wash

We sit down with Patrick Barbour to discuss how WashCard has helped his business, and what adding the new UWashApp has done to give his customers more payment options. Patrick has been a WashCard customer for 10 years and has credit and loyalty card equipment on his vacuums, self serve bays, automatics, and pet wash.

Patrick has been in the car wash industry since 1997 and has 6 locations today in the Dexter, MO area. The WashCard system has been installed in 2011 and has since been added to 2 other locations. As Patrick says, “it has been very beneficial for us”.

In 2019 they also added BayStation systems to one of their washes. With the WashCards, they use Fleet programs as well as fundraising programs to help their local communities raise money and wash their cars!

They have also added the UWashApp to 3 of their locations where they have 400 users that provide added income to his wash every month. There have been a lot of benefits that Patrick has found with the UWashApp in the last year:

  • Remotely activate equipment
  • The app is popular and customers really appreciate it
  • No more fumbling with coins, cash, or cards
  • Very convenient
  • Virtual punch card is great for customers
  • Rain check is a great feature
  • Free washes are easy to give to customers

“Everyone that I’ve talked to that has used it really liked it. Eliminating the fumbling with the cash or credit cards. It eliminates for me, the problem of jammed up bill and coin acceptors.”

Patrick Barbour – Mud Magnet Car Wash