Fleet Programs, Bundled Washes or Unlimited plans With Our Car Wash RFID Program


WashPass is our car wash billing software that can be used with cards and RFID tags.

Rain, shine, thunderstorms and sub zero temps. Why worry about weather conditions when you can add a car wash RFID unlimited wash program or unlimited fleet programs to existing auto-cashiers (new or old). Use the Washpass software to setup automatic monthly billing for your customers. The benefits around car wash RFID programs can create a large dividend for your business.

Keep your look and your brand with customized decals for your reader, and customized tags for vehicles. With our marketing services, we can even help you start to promote your new business and hit the ground running!

Don't want unlimited washes?

Not a problem. The WashCard software is so robust you can limit the number of washes, how many washes per day, the amount spent, and so much more! Give us a call today to find out how to set up your car wash RFID program!

WashPass RFID Loyalty


Take advantage of all the system has to offer with a variety of marketing programs, tools, and services that differentiate you from all others.


Benefits of WashCard's
Car Wash RFID WashPass System

Cards or RFID Tags

You can take advantage of RFID (radio frequency identification) technology to make it easier on club members-- register your customer once, stick a tag on their windshield and your reader does the rest!  When tags don't fit with your market, operators have the option to use VIP/Fleet cards to promote their wash programs.


Multiple Services.

Locations have the ability to offer a 'Guest Pass' that ties into other services like self service bays and vacuums.


Custom Applications.

The Washpass system can be used in more than just monthly subscriptions. Fleets, parking garages, and car dealerships too!


Automated Billing.

Build monthly club subscribers whose credit card automatically gets charged each month.



The RFID tag technology is designed to 'self-destruct' if removed from the window once applied.


Any Cashier.

The Washpass hardware can work in conjunction with just about every entry station on the market-- give us a call or contact us and we can get you started.



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