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Three Reasons You Should Attend A Car Wash Trade Show

Three Reasons You Should Attend A Car Wash Trade Show

It’s almost that time of year when some of the biggest car wash trade shows come around. There are many reasons to attend any one of them, from having a break from your day-to-day commitments, the appeal of going to a new city (possibly), and being able to take a bigger look at the industry. While living out of a suitcase for several days doesn’t appeal to everyone, attending a trade show can benefit you and your business. Here are three reasons why you should attend a car wash trade show. 


Because sometimes seeing IS believing. When you visit a vendor in their booth, you get to touch, feel, and test the products they have. Purchasing products online or over the phone can have its perks of not physically having to be there. However, when it comes to car wash equipment, seeing the products can be a huge benefit to you. Any product you purchase for your location(s) is typically not a small one. Having the ability to understand the size of a meter box, or chemical tank, or vacuum can help you picture and place that equipment at your location. It also gives you the ability to see exactly how things work. Not all car wash equipment is straightforward. It requires explanation and understanding. Being at a trade show can start that process and help you in the long run. You also get to speak with some of the business owners and people behind putting the hardware and software together. This insight alone can help support your decision in which business to go through when purchasing your next bit ticket item for your car wash. 


The great thing about talking with other car wash operators at a trade show is, they’re not your competition! You can talk with other operators and see what is working for them (or what isn’t). What their experience was like with installs, software, whatever the topic is! This is a great opportunity to open up and find out what other people have dealt with in the industry, good and bad. It also allows you to develop relationships with other operators to create close ties in the industry. As James Garner once said, you can never have too many friends. 


All trade shows hold seminars specifically to help YOU. The operator. These seminars hold a high value in providing you the most talked about industry topics. From marketing, to hiring employees, sales tactics, and more. Sitting in and gaining a better understanding of the industry is an important part of running a successful business. In 2018, the Car Wash Show in Las Vegas hosted nearly 40 seminars! The SCWA Convention & Expo hosted nearly 30! All of this as an effort to help you create a better business for yourself, which in turns helps you become more profitable over time. 


With all this being said, we hope it helps in your decision to attend a trade show coming up. While there is a lot to see and do at a trade show, we hope we can see you if you do decide to attend! Look for us at some of the upcoming shows. 


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