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Why Business Accounts Matter

Why Business Accounts Matter

Whether you already have car wash business accounts, or you’re just thinking about adding them to your business, it’s time to seriously consider adding more. Why you ask? Well, just look at the data.

Why Business Accounts Matter Fleet Vehicles

Our customers who have added car wash business accounts have gained a revenue increase, on average, of $7,000 a month. 

That’s not a typo, and you read it right, that is per MONTH. That’s an extra $7,000 you didn’t have before – and that is just an average. If you really go after adding those accounts, you can double, triple, or possibly even multiply that number by 10. We’ve seen it happen. Business accounts can mean big money for your business.

There are a variety of different car wash business accounts you can attract, whether it’s landscaping vehicles, limousines or town cars, police or fire cars, or local delivery vehicles. The possibilities are truly endless. If it’s a business with more than 2 cars, consider it a target for your business accounts.

With the WashCard software, you are able to automate your business invoicing process, meaning once a month, you hit a few buttons, and the payments start to come in. Managing these accounts has become easier than ever. You are also able to put the power into the business owner’s hand by allowing them to oversee all the usage, set up time usage discounts, user accounts, and receipts.



Ok, you might need to add a card or adjust some balances from time to time, but overall, yes, that’s exactly what we’re telling you. And the best part is, you can do it with Loyalty Cards, RFID tags, and now mobile! Whatever works best for your customer, their needs, and what you have available at your location. 

And the best part is, you can do it with loyalty cards, RFID tags, and now mobile! Whatever works best for your customer, their needs, and what you have available at your location.

What are some of the other benefits to adding B2B accounts?

Automation of transactions – Successful companies know that processes that can be automated, should be automated. Not only does it make the business process easier, it also removes much of the possibility of human error. Aside from removing the element of human error, you also promote transparency because there will now be a record of every transaction made.

Easier payment collection – It’s not only about being able to charge instantly, it is also about collecting recurring payments possible. This is more convenient for both the business and the client.

More Business Opportunities– When there’s a good thing, word can travel fast. Not only could your new business opportunities help bring in some new clients for you, setting up a referral program for them entices them to bring in more business for you.

Data-Driven– Streamline and automate plenty of processes, gain unique insight into the data that matters to your sales. Order totals, revenue, profit percentages, or even discounts within a specific time period. With so much data available, there’s no need for vague estimates. And that’s not all: you can even use client data to create customer segments and enhance your marketing, making it more targeted and more effective.

Even beyond the added income to your bank account, business accounts can offer you much more than that. If you haven’t started to offer them yet, now is the time before the busy season of car washing hits and you miss out on that revenue!


Well, this is where you have to do a little bit of work. Accounts won’t just fall in your lap. Think of it a lot as a workout DVD. You can buy the DVD, put it in the DVD player, hit play, but if you don’t get off the couch and do the exercise you won’t see results.

WashCard can help you with putting together marketing materials you can then bring in to businesses and present your opportunity to them. Yes, it is trying to make a sale, but that one sale can mean big business for you. You can also promote it on your social media channels, on your website, or simply by word of mouth.

The important thing to remember as you build your business accounts is what you can better provide than your competition down the street. Can you give them a better wash at a better price? Can you provide better service? A free wash once a week? Begin to ask yourself the questions your customers will ask you.

Your success is WashCard’s success. We’re here to provide all the services you need to get business accounts up and running!

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