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Revitalize Your In-bay Automatic Car Wash

Revitalize Your In-bay Automatic Car Wash

As mentioned in our first part to this series, it’s no secret that tunnels seem to be taking over the car wash industry. Tunnels can certainly take on a high volume of cars in an hour, but they do have their limitations. Whether you have self-serves, in-bays, vacuums, pet washes, or all of the above, there are ways to revitalize your business by focusing on areas the tunnel simply can’t. In part two of our three part series, we are focusing on the unattended areas of the car wash industry. This month we are focusing on what the benefits are for in-bay automatics for your customer, so you can focus on how to get that message out to your customers.



In-bays have many reasons to be more popular than a tunnel wash. Considering they are the most commonly used car washes out there, taking this to your advantage is increasingly important. What offers do an IBA have over tunnels though? Easy. To start, IBAs offer touch-free wash environments, which many consumers feel is the best wash for their vehicles due to nothing hitting their vehicle and causing damage. IBAs also have the advantage of being open 24 hours a day and the ability to operate without an attendant on site. Many IBAs can also be integrated into a C-Store environment making them a “one-stop”shop for their customers. Plus, if you live in a less populated area, having an IBA is typically a better investment for these kinds of communities. One of the main things we discuss here at WashCard though, is that for the customer, it all boils down to price and convenience.


Car inside Laser Show Car Wash

There is also a big “fun” and “functional” factor IBAs have. From adding lights to multi colored soaps, having the in car experience can bring in more families with the thought of having some entertainment for children. Functionally, adding aftermarket products like an undercarriage cleaner is really attractive for locations where there is snow, ice, or road salt. Not last, and certainly not least, IBAs typically have a lower price point which can be more attractive to those who want to wash their vehicle on a more frequent basis.


When it comes to marketing your IBA, there are a lot of options you can start with. We’ve posted about this a few times. Here are some simple steps you can take to start, if you haven’t already:

  • Get on social media. Simple posts on a regular basis can drive more traffic to your business.
  • Download the Social Media Guide to see more steps to take with social media.
  • Take advantage of Holidays to market your wash more.
  • Invest in a modern and mobile friendly website.
  • Have an email marketing list. Email has the highest ROI of any marketing tool out there.

If you can master even one or two of these facets, it gives your wash a much greater shot of earning a larger portion of the business market.



In-bay Automatics present the perfect opportunity for business accounts. Especially when combined with other on-site services like a self serve wash. With those two services, your capability to serve the business world is huge! Once again, think about some of the businesses in your area that could benefit from automated billing or the capability to limit their employees washing habits. Reach out through email, phone, or stop by to present an exclusive offer that guarantees you more business.


To conclude part two of our three part series, IBAs make a lot of sense. Especially when you can combine them with other on-site services. Tunnels will certainly be around for good, but IBAs and self serve have a purpose greater than most imagine in the car wash industry. Make sure to check out our blog next month to see how additional profit centers like vacuums and pet washes can beef up your business.


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