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Holiday Loyalty Options For Car Washes

Holiday Loyalty Options For Car Washes

During the holiday season, giving back is what it’s all about. Right?

This holiday season, we want to help you give back to your customers with a few ideas on holiday loyalty bonuses.

Having loyalty options has a wide range of benefits for your customers, and you!

  • Average Dollar Per Wash Goes Up
  • Receive Returning Customers
  • You Can Track Customer Spending Habits
  • Receive Powerful Marketing Information
  • Boost Your Reputation
  • Create Word of Mouth References With Great Services and Loyalty Options!

Truly, from our family to yours, we want your holidays to be a success. Here are a few ideas to spark your interest on providing some new holiday rewards.

  • Set an added bonus on your Card Dispenser and Rechargers*
    • The bonus can be applied to cards purchased or recharged
    • Set different percent bonuses based on cash or credit transactions
    • No on-site attendant needed to apply the bonus to the card
    • Instantly make the change in the software when the holidays are over
  • Set an added bonus on your Point of Sale System*
    • Easily add bonuses to apply at checkout
    • Use a special “code word” for getting the bonuses
    • Use social media to spread the word for the “code word” each day

Pay By Phone allows you to set up different options when it comes to loyalty. Whether you want to create packages or promo codes, there is a way to satisfy your needs for mobile options. 

  • Add Mobile Packages 
    • “Buy One Get One Free?”
    • 10% bonus packages – “Spend $100 get $10 on us!”
    • Make it easy for a customer to purchase products from you via mobile
  • Use Promo Codes for Mobile
    • Similar to value packages, but the customer needs to code to get the deal
    • Use social media to pass the code along
    • Create redemption limits for daily or weekly codes
    • Promotional packages only for the holiday season

Having loyalty options are great, as long as you are promoting them and creating loyalty program success within your business. The great thing with all of these options and WashCard software, you can set it and forget it! They take a few minutes to set up and get in the system, then you are ready to go for the holidays.

The other great thing about all of these options is you are able to gather valuable marketing information. Why is this important? Because it can actually BOOST YOUR REVENUES! That’s right. BOOST your revenues! Email marketing has the highest ROI of any marketing activity. If you start building your email lists now, by the first of the year you will gain a hearty audience to continue to build loyalty with.

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