Making your Car Wash More Competitive. Part II

It’s easier than you think...

Welcome back to our series on how to make your car wash more competitive. Last time we talked about contactless payments. We at WashCard believe having contactless payments for your business will improve your bottom line, and open your customer base to a wider demographic while staying competitive with the wash down the street. 

Take a look at these recommendations and the facts that support each idea. As a marketing and communications professional, I love to make things look pretty, but at the core of what really matters are the numbers. 

This is the second in a series of blog posts on fact-based direction you can take in your business.

FACT TWO: Mobile Apps Help You Build Business and Loyalty.

Mobile apps have grown significantly. The number of app downloads worldwide has only increased since the creation of the handheld smart computer. That handy little computer can help you, and your business, stand out, build loyalty, and compete all at the same time. 

Convenience and Speed

One of the things mentioned in our previous blog is that consumers are looking for speed and convenience. Mobile apps offer convenient and speedy transactions – and right now – are one of the most efficient ways to build loyalty at your wash. Technology is constantly changing and mobile apps allow you to move with the technology, along with with payments consumers are looking for. 

What An App Can Do For You

They can help you accomplish lots of things:

  • Initiate easier & faster transactions – with UWashApp, customers can quickly scan, select their price, and hit go to get their service started
  • Build a stronger brand presence – custom branded app and signage to help your brand stand out 
  • Create better customer connections – customer feedback and support options to ensure your customers a good experience, even when your equipment may be down 
  • Provide Value through loyalty and payment options – it’s more than just an app. It does stuff. Giving your customer a valuable tool in their pocket. 
  • Improve customer engagement, interactions, and loyalty to your business 

Overall, this helps you boost your business profits and collect valuable data from your customers. With apps like UWashApp, you can also create valuable cross-selling opportunities for your business accounts and other business ventures. 

Big Growth. 

One wash where the UWashApp mobile app was introduced saw massive growth within 14 months. They ‘started from zero’ and added over 1,100 NEW customers using the app. We have seen similar success with washes around the country. They have all built a following of loyal brand advocates who visit often and share their ‘love’ through referrals. (More on that later).

It would behoove me to mention that this is not a Cinderella story. These kinds of growth and numbers happen over and over again through some of the specialized programs offered exclusively through our app. 

Market Potential

Having a mobile app helps your revenue and customer count numbers. It also helps you build loyalty by reaching the demographic groups with the highest market potential today. It helps users discover who you are, connect with you and your brand, and build loyalty, while you give them the speed and convenience they demand.

Stand Out From the Competition

In today’s competitive digital world, a mobile application gives your business a significant edge. It caters to the consumers’ need for speed and convenience better than other traditional digital channels.

You can also tailor your app to create a brand-specific environment that strengthens your brand image and recognition.

In my next few posts I’ll review the impact point-of-sale signage, referrals, and other programs can have on your business. Stay tuned!


At WashCard Systems, we specialize in serving independent self-serve and in-bay automatic car wash owners and operators. We help you compete against big chain competition, tunnel washes, and other competitors. We’ve been in business for 34 years, pushing the technology envelope in the car wash industry – focusing on payments, mobile apps, loyalty, and marketing. 

Amy Olson
Consumer Marketing Expert
WashCard Systems