Over 400 New Customers in Six Months

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When it comes to developing consumer marketing strategies, nothing is more handy than some good old fashioned data. And here’s some you can take to the bank if you are a car wash owner or operator.

A car wash operator picked up 422 new customers in just six months once he launched an app-based marketing program.

Here’s an example of an owner operator who offered UWashApp to his neighborhood and put up the sign package that can be purchased with UWashApp. That’s it.

His results: 422 new members in just 6 months. And, these were new faces, not conversions from a WashCard program.

Mobile apps can provide the opportunity for Memberships, Invite-A-Friend offers, Umbrella Policies, and Free Wash options. Conventional programs like these are attractive to existing customers and prospects – but they are EVEN MORE attractive when they are offered through the convenience of a mobile app. This simply can’t be overstated. If your business can get representation through an app-based product, do it! It’s a good and necessary marketing tool for your business.

Doing The Homework

When doing your app homework to determine the right option, make sure to consider products that offer flexible memberships and free wash options.

But don’t settle for just any membership program! Make sure you have the flexibility to offer pricing and package options complimented with referral, umbrella policy, and additional programs for business customers, etc.

An app program should also give you access to data so you can access or export and share usage history, sales, etc. It should help you market – and manage – your business. Make sure you are asking the right questions.

  • Does it offer count up services for consumers?
  • Does it offer employee access to give you remote access as needed?
  • Can you use the app to create custom advertising that can be changed at any time?
  • And most importantly again, does it offer a program for business accounts?

I, of course, am partial to the WashCard UWashApp program! But, I recommend you do your homework and find the app-based product that’s best for your business.

Make sure you can get great case study facts that prove how good the app is, like the Sparkle Car Wash example in this blog post. Four hundred twenty-two new customers in just six months.

Those are awesome results.

Amy Olson
Consumer Marketing