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Tap-to-Pay is Here To Stay!

Get the NEW Tap & App Today!

Consumers prefer the safety and security – and the speed and convenience of Tap-to-Pay technology. The technological, security and cost advantages to your business make this payment technology a must-have for your car wash – today!

Get the benefit of a Tap AND App solution today. Be available to 100% of your customers, and make a great experience for them. 

Call us today to learn more at 651-661-9710.

NEW! The UWashApp From WashCard!

This new cell phone app from WashCard is easy to get, easy to sign up for, easy to customize for your operation, easy to have installed, and easy to use. And since most consumers don’t want to touch a keypad at a retail location, it’s the fastest way to get into contactless payment. Call us today. The costs to get started are low, installation takes about a half-day*, and you’ll be offering safer payment options for your existing customers and building business by attracting new ones.

The WashCard BayStation

Our finest and most completely self-service payment terminal, the BayStation replaces outdated meter boxes and provides a state-of-the-art solution for self-service bays.

Your remodel or new location needs the latest and greatest – that’s the BayStation.

The BayStation is loaded with business-building features:

Backed with the best software available | Takes coins, tokens, bills, credit, debit and loyalty cards | Accepts mobile payments!

Essential with today’s COVID -19 safety concerns around keypads.

Want To Know More?

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