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NEW! The UWashApp From WashCard!

This new cell phone app from WashCard is easy to get, easy to sign up for, easy to customize for your operation, easy to have installed, and easy to use. And since most consumers don’t want to touch a keypad at a retail location, it’s the fastest way to get into contactless payment. Call us today. The costs to get started are low, installation takes about a half-day*, and you’ll be offering safer payment options for your existing customers and building business by attracting new ones.

The WashCard BayStation

Our finest and most completely self-service payment terminal, the BayStation replaces outdated meter boxes and provides a state-of-the-art solution for self-service bays.

Your remodel or new location needs the latest and greatest – that’s the BayStation.

The BayStation is loaded with business-building features:

Backed with the best software available | Takes coins, tokens, bills, credit, debit and loyalty cards | Accepts mobile payments!

Essential with today’s COVID -19 safety concerns around keypads.

The WashCard All-In-One Wireless Card Reader

A great solution for connecting all your services. Why? This low-cost wireless all-in-one reader allows you to mount card readers or integrate them into wash services without the need for running wire or installing conduit.

The WashCard Multi-Button Payment Terminal

Our Multi-Button multi-price-point terminal is an easy addition to your auto entry station.

We use this with older entry stations and some newer systems that don’t play well with others. With the multi-button payment terminal, we are able to send payment or bypass the auto entry station to trigger the wash.

Hardware Retrofit Kits are available for nearly all cashiers on the market. No more dial-up processing and expensive phone lines. All entry stations can use a single Internet connection for card processing.

The WashCard Self-Service Payment Terminal

Our self-service bay payment terminal is a card-reading add-on that has been the sales-creating addition to car washes across the United States – for decades! This versatile terminal is a great addition to washes with meter boxes that are in good condition.

Operators who add credit card acceptance to their self-service bays experience customers spending almost twice as much as they did when using cash. When you provide your customers the convenience of using the credit or debit card that is already in their wallet, they can skip the trip to the change machine and will reward you with increased spending. It happens every time!

The WashCard Auto Integration Kit

Advanced Software integrations are available on select new entry stations, and Hardware Retrofit Kits are available for older cashiers. WashCard Auto Integration Kits allow you to take credit cards and loyalty cards.

Takes cards and now mobile payments with the UWashApp. No more dial-up processing and expensive phone lines. All entry stations can use a single Internet connection for card processing.

The WashCard WashPass RFID Reader & Tags

It enables you to serve fleet, commercial and small business clients better by providing them a convenient, automatic monthly billing statement so they can, in turn, better track and control expenses. And, it operates with RFID-capability so your customers don’t have to tangle with employee or company credit cards, making everything more efficient for them. You get the benefits of the volume and profit that fleet and commercial clients bring to your operation, with the added benefit of online billing and reporting so you can monitor your business. If you choose, you can add a car wash RFID unlimited wash program or unlimited fleet program to existing auto-cashiers – new or old.

Card Dispenser & Recharger

This great stand-alone system will help you sell more loyalty wash cards – cards that we can custom design for your business and brand.

The more WashCard loyalty cards you have in circulation, the higher your sales growth and profits will be! And our Loyalty Card Dispenser and Recharging Center is completely programmable to allow you to implement a variety of marketing and promotional opportunities.

Want To Know More?

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