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Baystation Self Service Bay Box for Payments and loyalty

The WashCard BayStation

Our finest and most completely self-service payment terminal, the BayStation replaces outdated meter boxes and provides a state-of-the-art solution for self-service bays.Your remodel or new location should offer all payment options for your customers – that’s what our BayStation offers.

Takes cards and now mobile payments with the UWashApp!

Helping To Grow Your Business

Updating your meter boxes not only increase ease of use for your customers, it also helps grow your business with a variety of features.

Supports Multi-Location Operations

BayStations can be installed at multiple locations and managed under one account through web-based administration.

Enterprise Reporting

Generate reports based on financial data reported from the BayStations.

Custom Pricing Schedules

Create custom pricing schedules for your loyalty and mobile customers.

Custom Integrations

Allow other payment options to be used with the BayStation.

Remote Activation

As an operator, you’ll be able to activate your wash equipment remotely from anywhere.

Responsive Customer Service

Resolve customer service issues with remote access.

Attendant And Maintenance Access

Ability to keep your operational menu access hidden for loss-prevention.

Multilingual Options Available

Reach a greater customer base by providing multilingual access.

Two Optimal Sizes with Multiple Configurations

Working with your credit processing provider, the BayStation offers payments in Cash, Coin, Credit, Loyalty Cards and Mobile Payments with the new UWashAppPricing Flexibility is built in for individual service pricing for up to 12 products. Introduce new products and services with special pricing!

20 x 16 box that features cash AND coin and credit / loyalty card reader.

Baystation Self Service Bay Box for Payments and loyalty

16 x 16 box that features cash OR coin and credit / loyalty card reader

Pricing Packages

Starting at $3,995, WashCard works with you to find the best pricing package available for your business.

A Full-Color, High Quality Video Display

Easily download videos to inform your customers of current promotions and to increase the cross selling of your wash services.

Expanded Use of the Video Display

The BayStation video display allows you to promote all of your commercial, fleet and small business customers.

Partner with local businesses that can run video ads.

Offer public service announcements or promote your local community, schools, athletic events, concerts, plays and more.

Unique Vidoes for Your Locations

The WashCard Design Team can help you create custom and unique videos for all your promotional needs.

WashCard can assist you with a vast array of advertising and promotional services.

Interfaces with all WashCard Services and Products

Since 1990, WashCard Systems has been a leader in card activation technology and is dedicated to products and services that work together effectively. Check out our WashCard Loyalty Software & Cloud Connection Software.

Safety Features For Ease Of Mind

The BayStation combines video and cash control features as a great theft-deterrent system ensuring loss-prevention.

Video & Security Features

BayStations include a camera knockouts for optional security.

A sensor on the cash side of the BayStation texts you when it is being opened when not in service mode.

The BayStation sends your security system alerts and can trigger your alarm system when tampering occurs.

Cash Control & Security

The BayStations advanced cash auditing tracks cash in multiple ways:

  • One counter tracks the accumulated dollars spent in the bay.
  • Another tracks cash since the last withdrawal.
  • The BayStation will also keep track of who removes the cash, the amount, and the date and time.

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