Summer Car Wash Upgrades Lead to Fall Profits

Summer is a great time to upgrade your carwash

Summer is officially here and it’s time to head to the lake! Or, if you’re like most business owners, take advantage of a little down time. The warm weather and long summer days make for great vacations, trips to the beach, and fun with the family. However, business still has to keep up. But, due to the time of year it is, it’s also a great time to upgrade your car wash.

Here in Minnesota where WashCard is located, you’ll sometimes hear us say we have two seasons. Winter, and construction season. Once the snow starts flying, all construction comes to a halt and plows are on the roads. But as soon as things begin to melt, flashing lights and big orange cones quickly become a normal part of daily life.

What That Means For Your Customer

Typically, it means things are out of the norm. And for the few short months we have during summer, everyone is somewhat out of their “norm”. Kids are out of school, schedules are changing with sports and activities, people are taking vacations, and cars don’t seem to get as dirty.

What That Means For You

It’s a great time to do upgrades to your car wash! While everyone else is out of their norm, it’s ok for you to be too. Upgrading your bays now while traffic is low and potential customers are temporary, you’ll be preparing yourself for the fall rush back to reality.

Even people who consistently go the same destinations throughout the year change the routes they are taking. Because traffic volume changes – drivers seek different routes, and at no time of the year is there a more massive long-term shift in destinations than when school ends, or begins.

So, now is the perfect time to get started on your wash upgrades while there is a shift in traffic and volume changes. Whether those upgrades include new paint, signage, or payment options, know that many of your purchases can also give you tax savings!

WashCard Has Car Wash Upgrade Options For You

Tap to Pay s not going away and mobile apps are centric to nearly every business these days. We have systems that can support either solution, or both. If you’re looking to upgrade your payment systems, look no further than WashCard.