Tap and Then Catch Bass

“I would have washed at the self-service wash if it had tap-to-pay service. But I had to take my $15 sale across the street. “

You can tap-to-pay almost anywhere in this little
town — except at the self-service car wash.

My family just got back from vacation in northern Minnesota and we all had a great week together. We caught fish, went kayaking, and cooked great food. I love hanging out with my kids.

If you are interested in fishing, we caught some really nice bass. It was a perfect week.

We have been going to this little town for – literally – decades, and always wind up doing and enjoying the same activities every year. We visit the same retailers and get the same services each summer: groceries, the bait shop, souvenir shop, the local t-shirt shop, the small golf course up the highway.

Almost everyone of the little, small-town retailers there take tap-to-pay. Even the tiny bait shop, where I stopped before going bass fishing.

After a successful morning fishing, I had to wash off a small boat after pulling it out of the water, so I headed into town and went to the self-service wash. The wash has been there forever, and it has a dollar-bill changer inside the hallway between the two bays. I had two, one-dollar bills so, after getting change I had a clean boat. Mission accomplished.

I was also going to wash my truck. It meant I had to cash in a ten dollar bill. So, I could have gotten change, washed the truck for maybe two or three dollars, and then wound up with a couple dozen extra quarters.

No thanks. Getting all those quarters and then having them sitting around seemed like a real hassle.

So, I dropped the trailer and went next door to the local convenience store and gas station and drove through the automatic wash. It was a $15 wash. I would have washed at the self-service wash if it had tap-to-pay service. But I had to take my $15 sale across the street.

Instead of getting a $2 boat rinse and a $15 truck wash – $17 dollars –  the little self-service wash only got a $2 sale.

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