This is WAY to easy! Signage works.

It’s really no secret that good signage works at retail. In fact, on a pure return on investment basis, it works harder and returns more profit than ANY other method of communication. 

This is true in every category of retailing; supermarket, c-stores, department and limited assortment stores and niche retailing. Signs sell more stuff. Period. 

When it comes to the car wash, I’m not talking about instructional signs that tell the consumer what to and what not to do. We all know customers have a hard time reading those as it is. What I am referring to is the signage that cross-sells life simplifying services that your customers want.

Take this example: Wash owner Jim Aldrich at Conejo Car Wash had been using the WashCard UWashApp to build his business. He had been very successful. He was getting lots of new customers, more loyalty (frequency) and higher transaction value (price-per-wash). 

Then, he added the sign package to his bays and guess what — he experienced a 78% increase in members in just 6 months. 

Even better, these were new faces, not conversions from a WashCard program.

Sign packages can promote specific programs to your customers – programs that they would like to purchase because it make their lives simpler and their car wash experience more valuable – and fun

Programs you can offer and promote with signage might include: Invite-A-Friend programs, Umbrella Policy (Rainy Day Rewashes), Membership programs, Wash Packages, and Star Rewards (frequent purchaser).

The best way to communicate these offers is through a high quality, impactful sign package that simply and clearly communicate the availability and benefits of the ‘add-on’.

Conejo Car Wash experienced a 78% increase in UWashApp members in just 6 months – that amounted to 500 NEW wash members. And all he did was put up a sign package provided with the UWashApp program.

You literally can’t put a price on the value of these members. And, you don’t have to, because after putting up the signs, the 500 new members cost nothing.

That’s a remarkable return on investment that can’t be topped.

Amy Olson
Consumer Marketing
WashCard Systems