Unlimited programs sound good. Then ‘Chronic Washers’ destroy profitability…

No doubt about it, unlimited plans can drive lots and lots of traffic to your car wash, and it looks good to see a long line of cars queuing up to get a wash.

Trouble is, when a customer is washing relentlessly for one monthly fee, average price per wash drops like a rock and profit margins are severely diminished. You’ll be beating up your equipment as more and more washes are given away for what becomes a low, low average price-per-wash. In this example you can be giving away washes for three or four bucks.

Once your unlimited wash customers get hold of a program, it can be very difficult to take it away. Make sure you have an exit strategy.

No other consumer product offers “unlimited benefits” where there are hard costs involved in the delivery of their product or service. It simply doesn’t make sense. The costs for a wash are fixed, so the more often “Chronic Washers” show up, the more margins continue to decline.

There are a lot of ways to structure a membership program. Having the flexibility of utilizing a mobile app is really handy. Important: membership programs are only as successful as a customer’s first month. A study found that members who visit at least 3 times in the first month keep their membership for at least a full year.

Tips to keep their attention the first month:

  • Know your customers — adapt to their needs.
  • Communicate! Keep customers engaged by hitting multiple touch points throughout the month.
  • Offer incentives for multiple purchases to keep them coming back.  

Education and up-selling help consumers understand what they are missing at higher membership levels and increase the value you can add to their experience. With the UWashApp from WashCard you can touch your customers often and get customers for life!

You can offer not only offer a membership program, but also a refer-a-friend program?
Referring a friend is the most effective membership growth tactic. It’s a fact, one-third of all referrals become long-term members.

Get on board with UWashApp and see how it can dramatically change your business!

Your answer could be a high-value Limited Membership Program.

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